SKC allowed the exit of four ships with food from Ukraine as part of a food deal

© Sputnik / Burju OkutanVessel UN, 12 Sep – The joint coordination center in Istanbul allowed four food ships to leave Ukrainian ports on Monday as part of a food deal, SKC reported. It notes that the cargo ship NORD STARK will carry 27,500 tons of wheat from Chornomorsk to Spain. The HADAR ship will … Read more

SKC coordinated the release of seven vessels with products from Ukrainian ports

Two vessels, INVINCIBLE II and ANASTASIA, will leave Chornomorsk. The first ship will carry barley and the second ship will carry wheat. SILVER LADY and MELINA will leave Yuzhny port with corn on board. The rest, FPMC B 201, AEOLOS and SOFIE BULKER, will leave Odessa. .

SKC confirmed the departure on August 5 of three vessels with grain from Odessa and Chernomorsk

The Joint Coordinating Center (JCC) in Istanbul has coordinated the dispatch of three vessels with a cargo of grain from the ports of Odessa and Chernomorsk. The corresponding statement was made on Thursday, August 4. “The total cargo will be 58,000 tons of corn, which will be transported through the maritime humanitarian corridor as part … Read more