NYT: The West is surprised by the size of Russia’s missile arsenal

According to US Marine Corps colonel and senior adviser to the Center for Strategic and International Studies Mark Kansian, whose words are quoted by the publication, only a few Western officials know the state of the Russian missile arsenal. Kansian himself believes that Russia has a solid stockpile of missiles and weapons, created in case … Read more

Energy concern E.ON overestimated the size of its investments in Nord Stream

E.ON previously refused to close Nord Stream at the request of Poland, considering such a measure as anti-Russian sanctions inappropriate. E.ON CEO Leonard Birnbaum also refused to withdraw from the Nord Stream project, as this would lead to his sole control of Gazprom. .

Anna Semenovich admitted that she was proud of her breast size

Semenovich raised the relevant topic when communicating with subscribers on social networks. Previously, she noted, there were attempts to do breast reduction surgery. However, the singer immediately realized that “there is no reception against scrap,” so she only had to accept her size. .

Philip Kirkorov made a scandal because of the wrong size of caviar on a sandwich

Once the artist made himself an impressive personal rider. It is noteworthy that all the requirements of a celebrity to the organizers of the concert did not fit on a whole sheet. At one of the events, Kirkorov was outraged by the behavior of the host, despite the fulfillment of all the points of the … Read more

The average size of a mortgage loan in Russia has been declining for the third month in a row

Meanwhile, such a drop cannot be called a record one, since in April of this year, at the peak of the crisis, the subsidence of the indicator amounted to 8.8%, but such a duration of a decrease in the average size of a housing loan has not been noted for seven years. The previous similar … Read more

In Russia, the average size of a mortgage loan for the purchase of housing has increased over the year

During the year, the average size of a mortgage loan for the purchase of housing in the primary market of Russia increased by more than 50% – up to 5.9 million rubles. In the secondary market, the average mortgage check increased by almost 14.5% – up to 3.02 million rubles, according to the data of … Read more

The Ministry of Labor announced the size of the universal child allowance

Russian families may start receiving universal child allowance. For one child, it will be 7, 10.5 or 14 thousand rubles, depending on the needs of the family. These figures were announced by the Ministry of Labor of Russia. .