Roskomnadzor wants to block six more VPN services

Roskomnadzor intends to restrict the work of six more VPN services and notifies companies that use them in their work. The list of these services: Betternet, Lantern, X-VPN, Cloudflare WARP, Tachyon VPN, PrivateTunnel. “In accordance with the requirements of the response regulations, we inform you about the planned introduction of centralized management in relation to … Read more

The prosecutor’s office found violations of safety standards at six mines in Kuzbass

The prosecutor’s office of the Kemerovo region (Kuzbass) found violations in six organizations during an explosion hazard inspection of all mining enterprises in the region. The inspection is carried out on behalf of the Prosecutor General Igor Krasnov after the accident at the Listvyazhnaya mine, where 52 people died. failure to provide them with personal … Read more

State programs returned to pre-crisis rates // Monitoring of public finances

For three quarters of 2021, the efficiency of the execution of state programs reached 83.4%, follows from the data of the Ministry of Economy. Compared to January-September 2020, when the estimate dropped to 78.7%, the indicator showed, in fact, a recovery growth – exceeding the level of 2019 by 0.8 percentage points. 17 trillion rubles … Read more

Industry of All Sizes Claims “Normal” Wellbeing // Market Research

The November issue of economic monitoring by RANEPA and the Gaidar Institute (IEP) presents estimates of the adaptation index (normality) of enterprises of different sizes to work in a pandemic (see graph). The lowest level of adaptability was characteristic of small and medium-sized enterprises. In the second quarter of 2020 (the period of launching restrictive … Read more

Rosbank left Domodedovo // Bank sold the former lands of the bankrupt SU-155

Rosbank, which lent to the SU-155 group, six years after the developer’s bankruptcy, managed to sell the company’s last assets in Domodedovo near Moscow. More than 150 hectares were bought by the Tyumen “Strana Development”, another 31 hectares – by the developer SAS near Moscow. The interest of developers in the Moscow region is quite … Read more