The US Congress wants to introduce “more understandable” site user agreements

A group of US congressmen has prepared a bill that should make it easier for consumers to understand the user agreements offered by Internet sites, according to The Washington Post. The bill was called the TLDR Act: the first letters of the name coincide with the abbreviation “too long; didn’t read” (“too long, didn’t read”). … Read more

“Kinovsky” is poured into factories // The cognac brand has changed its owner and site

The producer of cognac “Stareyshina” GC “Alvisa” is planning a serious expansion in the segment. The Group is acquiring Usovskie Wine and Cognac Cellars, a Moscow Region enterprise, in order to start bottling the previously acquired Kinovsky brand at the plant. The new owner wants to bring the brand to the top three in the … Read more

The Ministry of Internal Affairs explained the interruptions in the work of traffic police services by updating the site

The traffic police are supposed to restore the work of the website tomorrow, January 11, the Ministry of Internal Affairs said. The department claims that the failures in the traffic police services are associated with updating the software on the site. “Currently, specialists of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia are carrying out work … Read more

OVD-Info called the blocking of its website an act of state censorship

The human rights project OVD-Info (included in the register of foreign agents) announced that it would appeal the court’s decision to block its website. Restricting access to the site in “OVD-Info” is considered “an act of state censorship.” Roskomnadzor said that the court recognized the activities of OVD-Info aimed at promoting terrorism and extremism. “OVD-Info” … Read more

Hyundai entered General Motors plant into SPIK // Crossovers will be assembled at the site

Hyundai has contributed to its investment contract the former site of the General Motors plant in Shushary. According to Kommersant’s information, the company will start producing crossovers there. Inclusion in the contract makes it possible to receive compensation for the collected models of the utilization fee, on which the economy of output strongly depends. At … Read more

Offices are added to elite housing // Sminex expands its business at the expense of the site near Luzhniki

The developer of high-budget housing Sminex Aleksey Tulupov, who has not yet managed to buy out the business of the developer Inteko from Trust, has found another way to expand the portfolio. The company intends to acquire from Ingrad a site next to the Luzhniki arena in Moscow, where it is possible to build almost … Read more

The financial market does not fit with life // The draft strategy for its development until 2030 does not yet support national goals

Yesterday, at the Center for Macroeconomic Analysis and Short-Term Forecasting (CMASP), experts and officials discussed the relationship between the “Strategy for the development of the financial market until 2030”, which is being prepared by the Central Bank and the Ministry of Finance, with plans for the socio-economic development of the Russian Federation. The experts did … Read more

Police began to work in Khlebnikova’s apartment at the site of the fire

In a two-level apartment on Ratnaya Street in Moscow, where singer Marina Khlebnikova was injured during the fire, police officers are working on Friday night, November 19. The footage shows how water is spilled on the floor, law enforcement officers are working inside. Khlebnikova’s bedroom, which is located on the second floor, has completely burned … Read more

Kievskaya Ploshchad will visit the exhibition // The company may build up the Expocentre

The territory of the Expocentre next to the Moscow City business cluster may be built up. According to Kommersant’s information, a potential participant in this project worth up to 20 billion rubles is Kievskaya Ploshchad, God Nisanov and Zarakh Iliev. The mayor’s office believes that it is appropriate to build office real estate on the … Read more