In Dagestan, a man shot his sister because of communication with a neighbor

A man shot his older sister six times because she was talking to a neighbor. The incident took place in Buynaksk in Dagestan, Telegram channel 112 reported. According to media reports, the citizen came to visit a relative and learned about the new gentleman. As a result, the attacker opened fire on the woman. A … Read more

A woman tried to kidnap other people’s children in Yekaterinburg on the instructions of her sister

After that, a strange citizen ran after the third boy, but he managed to hide in the entrance. Judging by the state of the attacker, she could be under the influence of drugs, the townspeople suggested. .

Sister of Vera Brezhneva Anastasia shared in social networks a touching correspondence with her mother Lomohov/Russian Look Vera Brezhneva’s sister Anastasia posted on social networks a touching correspondence with her mother Tamara Vitalievna. In private messages, the woman supported her daughter. Vera Brezhneva and her three sisters Anastasia, Victoria and Galina have a very close relationship with their mother. Fate took them to different cities and countries. However, in … Read more

The mayor of Houston ruled out the possibility of breaking ties with sister cities in Russia

The authorities in Houston, Texas, USA, do not currently plan to sever ties with Russian sister cities, despite reproaches from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for refusing to take such a step. The corresponding statement was made by the director of trade and international relations at the Houston City Hall, Christopher Olson. .

The suspected son of the head of the Yakut ulus drank alcohol on the day of the murder of his mother and sister

According to the FAN source, the defendant is not registered with a psychiatrist. The reason for aggression could be the mother’s dissatisfaction with her son’s drunkenness. The sister supported the woman. Tired of the claims, the defendant grabbed a knife and inflicted severe wounds on the victims, from which they died. .

The suspect in the murder of the mother and sister of the son of the head of the ulus of Yakutia will be tested for drugs

Law enforcement officers of Yakutia detained 21-year-old Aisen Innokentiev. He is suspected of double murder. Tests have already been taken from the person involved in order to check the man for the fact of drug use, the FAN source said. .