The mayor of Houston ruled out the possibility of breaking ties with sister cities in Russia

The authorities in Houston, Texas, USA, do not currently plan to sever ties with Russian sister cities, despite reproaches from Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky for refusing to take such a step. The corresponding statement was made by the director of trade and international relations at the Houston City Hall, Christopher Olson. .

Head of Federal Research Center Shugaley: Lugansk and St. Petersburg should become sister cities, formalities remain

Today, the head of the Fund for the Protection of National Values ​​returned to St. Petersburg from the Luhansk People’s Republic Maxim Shugaley. He was immediately greeted by the people of St. Petersburg, who actively supported the initiative to assign the Northern capital and Lugansk the status of sister cities. With a humanitarian mission, the … Read more

Shugalei urged to assign the status of sister cities to St. Petersburg and Luhansk

The sociologist expressed regret that the city is extremely passive in helping the fraternal people of the LPR and DPR. At the same time, the citizens themselves, with weapons in their hands, have been defending and continue to defend the interests of Lugansk for more than eight years. Shugalei noted that this initiative will strengthen … Read more