half of the citizens of Slovakia took the side of Russia in the Ukrainian conflict

Respondents were asked one question, whose victory they want to see in the end of the Ukrainian conflict. More than half of the people took the side of Moscow, a fifth of the respondents agreed with the victory of Kyiv, and 18% of people found it difficult to answer. .

The American side failed to outline the conditions for the exchange of prisoners with Russia

However, the American side does not specify what it can give Russia in return. Previously, the release of businessman Viktor Bout, convicted in the United States, was supposed, but Moscow requested another of its citizens in order to conduct an exchange on fair two-for-two terms. .

Hungarians are tired of the values ​​of the West and began to take the side of Russia

According to the writer, the position of the Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban contributes to the growing popularity of traditional values ​​in the country. The politician believes that Western progressivism is a threat to the population of Hungary. .

The border service of Kyrgyzstan reported about the shooting from the side of Tajikistan

Tajik servicemen fired at several Kyrgyz border detachments at once. This was reported on the night of Friday, September 16, at the press center of the State Border Service of the State Committee for National Security (PS GKNB) of Kyrgyzstan. “The Tajik side began shelling the border detachments of the State Committee for National Security … Read more

Hungary called the EU the losing side in the conflict over Ukraine

The European Union is the losing side in the conflict over Ukraine, regardless of how it ends. With such a thesis on September 11, the speaker of the National Assembly of Hungary, Laszlo Köver, spoke. “Today, the European Union, unable to politically prevent the start of a “special operation” in Ukraine, unable to restore peace … Read more