Participants of the seventh edition of the show “Survive to Remember” tried themselves as signalmen

prt scr | Experience to remember Tiktokers, who participated in the seventh edition of the Internet show “Live to Remember”, tried themselves as signalmen. The participants of the new episode of the project were faced with the task of restoring the connection between the two points. On the way to its implementation, the guys … Read more

Sadalsky ridiculed the low ratings of the most expensive TV show in Russia “Fantastic”

Global Look Press | Pravda Komsomolskaya The premiere of the show “Fantasy” took place on Channel One on September 23. Stanislav Sadalsky shared his opinion on the new TV project by publishing a corresponding post in the Telegram channel. The actor recalled that producer Konstantin Ernst called the project the most expensive and technologically advanced … Read more

Rivals expelled Syabitova from the show “Stars of Africa” ​​after a four-day fast

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov The famous matchmaker Rosa Syabitova left the show “Stars in Africa” ​​after a four-day fast. The third episode premiered on TNT on September 25. According to the portal, none of the teams passed the test for extra food. As a result, there was very little food, and it … Read more

Sergey Lazarev explained the importance of his musical show during partial mobilization

Sergei Lazarev managed to perform in Minsk, and recently played a concert in St. Petersburg. After the show, he thought for a long time whether such events were necessary against the backdrop of current events. And I came to a definite conclusion. .

Egor Creed shared a photo from the filming of the show “Voice. Children”

Global Look Press | Vadim Tarakanov Singer Yegor Creed took a seat in the mentor’s chair in the vocal show “Voice. Children”. The artist posted a picture from the filming of the project on social networks. “Sorry, I dropped out of the stream for a couple of days. Preparations for the concert, a concert and … Read more

Russia will show the Sarmat ICBM to the American inspection team by February 2024

The terms of reference published on the public procurement portal say that “training and conducting the procedure for showing ICBMs to the American inspection group” under the START III agreement will be carried out at the Krasmash enterprise. Representatives of the United States will be able to see the missile assembly without the warhead, its … Read more