Murashko: there is no shortage in Russian medicine even under sanctions The sanctions imposed on Russia did not cause a shortage of any goods in the medical industry. This was stated by the Minister of Health of the Russian Federation Mikhail Murashko. At the same time, the Government of the Russian Federation has already instructed to develop the necessary import-substituting products. Some of them are … Read more

Residents of the northern province of South Africa are experiencing an acute shortage of drinking water

© Prabhat Kumar Verma / / globallookpress Pretoria, 23 September. local residents of the province Mpumalanga complain about the lack of quality drinking water in the north of South Africa. Problems with provisions began due to the deterioration of water treatment facilities. The region, which is home to about 500 thousand people, is provided … Read more

Toyota suspends RAV 4 production due to parts shortage

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The Ministry of Industry and Trade announced the absence of a shortage of goods in Russia

The Ministry of Industry and Trade and federal retailers regularly monitor the level of stocks of goods from the category of socially significant. There are mechanisms for rapid response to difficult conditions, and retail chains are engaged in maintaining and replenishing stocks of essential goods on the shelves and warehouses. .

The underground worker pointed out the shortage of food and water in Nikolaev

According to the source of the publication, the food shortage in the city is associated with the failure of the offensive of the Ukrainian military in the neighboring Kherson region. Now for many residents of Nikolaev, the only way to feed their families is the distribution of food, which is carried out by the Red … Read more

US uses inflation and gas shortage in Europe to strengthen its own hegemony

Earlier, the Swedish newspaper Nya Dagbladet published a document about US plans to destroy the European economy. According to the material of the publication, the aggressive foreign policy of the West, pursued in Ukraine, was supposed to “push Russia to military intervention.”

The head of the Russian Fuel Union predicted a shortage of diesel in winter

According to the expert, we are talking about frost-resistant types of diesel. Arkusha noted that in Russia there is often a shortage of this fuel, and this year will not be an exception. To solve the problem, he suggested importing diesel from Belarus, Radio Sputnik reports. .