Ex-co-owner of “Winter Cherry” confessed to giving a bribe during the construction of the shopping center

pxhere.com The former general director and co-owner of the Zimnyaya Vishnya shopping center, Vyacheslav Vishnevsky, confessed to giving a bribe to the head of the State Construction Supervision Authority in Kemerovo. This was told by the defendant’s lawyer Vadim Trifonov. During the debate of the parties, the prosecutor requested for Vishnevsky a sentence of ten … Read more

In Novaya Kakhovka, a fire broke out near the shopping center from the fall of a rocket fragment

A fire broke out near a trading house in Nova Kakhovka, Kherson region, after a rocket fragment fell near the building. This was announced on September 24 in the Telegram channel by the administration of Nova Kakhovka. “At 23:35, a report was received from the duty officer of the 4th PSCH of Novaya Kakhovka at … Read more

A six-year-old boy broke his ankle in the children’s room of a Moscow shopping center

According to REN TV, citing a source, the boy fell unsuccessfully while playing in the children’s room. Arriving at the scene, the doctors diagnosed him with a broken ankle. The circumstances of the incident will be known following the results of a police check. .

In place of the gone brands in the shopping center, they promised to open department stores of a new format

The places of departed foreign brands in Russia will be occupied by about 30 department stores of the new format – several trade brands will be presented in one space. On September 23, Izvestia was told about this by the owners of the Telegraph and Slava (Magic Group) stores, who plan to occupy new areas. … Read more

Hyundai driver drove into a St. Petersburg shopping center and knocked down two people due to leg cramps

pxhere.com A man driving a Hyundai Tucson drove into the Zanevsky Cascade shopping center in the west of St. Petersburg at high speed and knocked down two people. The cause of the accident was a cramp in the leg of the driver of a foreign car. A citizen of about 55-60 years old who crashed … Read more