The killer shot the buttock of a drug dealer in the suburbs

The victim had previously been convicted of drug trafficking. Near the entrance to the correctional center, where he was transferred as part of the mitigation of the sentence, fire was opened on him. One of the bullets hit the buttock. According to the wounded man, the attack may be related to his previous criminal activities. … Read more

A resident of Yamalo-Nenets Autonomous Okrug received nine years in prison for shooting at people in a store

The incident happened in July 2021. According to the department, a drunk man, being in conflict with two store owners, came to work with them. Armed with a traumatic gun, the attacker opened fire in the trading room, aiming at the heads of his opponents. .

Six people were injured in a shooting near a school campus in California Three unidentified gunmen opened fire on the school grounds in Oakland, California, USA. At least six people were injured, CBS reports. The incident occurred on September 28 at 12:45 (22:45 Moscow time). The criminals drove up to the school campus in a car, fired several shots and fled. All students were evacuated. The injured … Read more

Private security company director placed under house arrest after shooting at Izhevsk school The court chose a measure of restraint for the director of a private security company who guarded a school in Izhevsk. The investigation petitioned for detention, but the man was placed under house arrest. It is reported by TASS. Recall that an armed attacker broke into the building of an educational institution. He opened … Read more

A special flight of the Russian Emergencies Ministry delivered to Moscow the victims of the shooting in Izhevsk

Shooting at school No. 88, located in Izhevsk, occurred on the morning of September 26. A man, born in 1988, opened fire with two pistols, handed over for firing with live ammunition. As a result of the tragedy, 17 people died, 11 of them were children. Mourning has been declared in the Udmurt Republic. .