NYP: Walmart shooter compared to maniac

Prt scrn Youtube.com / Taurean Reign Reloaded A Walmart mass murderer in Virginia wrote that colleagues compared him to a maniac. It is reported by the New York Post. “They laughed at me, they said that I was like Jeffrey Dahmer,” the edition quotes the message from the criminal’s phone. The shooter also apologized for … Read more

NYT learns of colleagues mocking Walmart shooter

The gunman who opened fire at a Walmart store in Chesapeake, Virginia, was ridiculed by colleagues. He was compared to a maniac. This was reported by the New York Post on November 25. “They laughed at me, they said that I was like Jeffrey Dahmer (serial killer. – Ed.),” the entry found in the criminal’s … Read more

Law enforcement officers detained the shooter who wounded the police major in the Kirovsk hotel

According to published data, the defendant armed with a traumatic pistol shot the investigator during the conflict in the Neva Hotel. The victim was taken to the hospital with head, hand and back injuries. Now he is in an extremely critical condition. .

FAN publishes a photo of the BMW, in which the shooter from Kirovsk escaped after the assassination attempt on the major

A guest of a hotel in Kirovsk made an attempt on the life of a police major and fled in a black BMW along with his cohabitant. At the disposal of the FAN was a photo of a foreign car. .

Fire alarm went off in Tatarstan courthouse with Kazan shooter inside

Global Look Press | Alexander Polyakov People are being evacuated from the Supreme Court of Tatarstan, where they began to consider the case of Ilnaz Galyaviev, a Kazan shooter. The fire alarm went off in the building, reports RIA Novosti. The cynologists arrived on the scene. Recall that the shooting occurred in the gymnasium in … Read more

not only the shooter from the rocket launcher will answer for the fire in the cafe “Polygon”

Not only the participant in the fight who used pyrotechnics, but also a number of people related to the work of this club will be responsible for the tragic consequences in the Polygon cafe. He shared this opinion in an interview with FAN advocate Andrew Sarychev. .