Crab fishing vessel “Dmitry Konoplev” was launched in Nakhodka

As IA PrimaMedia writes, the ship “Dmitry Konoplev” along with other ships built according to the CCa5712LS project will be used for catching and delivering live crab in the Bering, Barents and Okhotsk seas. The total length of the vessel reaches 57.7 meters, width 12.6 meters, top speed 12 knots. In addition, the crab catcher … Read more

Smart Maritime Group announces the shutdown of the Kherson shipyard

The work of the Kherson shipyard in the Kherson region, temporarily not controlled by Ukraine, has been stopped, downtime will be paid to workers, they are forbidden to appear at work. According to Ukrinform, this is reported by the website Smart Maritime Group. “The management decided to stop the operation of the Kherson shipyard of … Read more

The case of commercial bribery at a shipyard was brought to the court of the Yaroslavl region

The person involved in the criminal case was a resident of Rybinsk, who is charged with committing crimes under articles 204 and 201 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation. According to investigators, the man, who previously held the post of head of a structural unit of a shipbuilding plant, ensured the conclusion of … Read more

“The demand for icebreakers is growing not only in our country” // Senior Vice President of Norilsk Nickel Sergey Dubovitsky on plans to replace icebreakers of the Taimyr type

Norilsk Nickel, Rosatom and DTSSS (which includes the Zvezda shipyard) entered into an agreement of intent to jointly design and build an icebreaker using diesel fuel and LNG. Sergey Dubovitsky, Senior Vice President, Head of the Strategy and Strategic Project Management, Logistics and Resource Support Unit, Sergey Dubovitsky, told Kommersant why Norilsk Nickel needs a … Read more

No slipway in a foreign homeland // Rosmorport will have to build 18 MW icebreakers in Russia

As it became known to Kommersant, Rosmorport may be forced to look for alternative contractors for the construction of two 18 MW icebreakers with a total cost of 18 billion rubles. The first ship is being built by the Pella shipyard. But its site in Germany has already filed for bankruptcy due to losses associated … Read more

The commissioning of the only shipyard in Yakutia is postponed // The Ministry of Industry and Trade proposes to postpone the delivery of the plant in Zhatay to 2023

Among the key reasons for the shift in terms from 2021 to 2023 are delays in coordinating project financing and insufficient pace of construction work. According to the plan, the shipyard should ensure uninterrupted cargo transportation in the Lena basin and the Arctic zone of the Russian Federation in the future, including along the Northern … Read more

Volga Shipping Company went to renewal // Shipping company orders four new dry cargo ships at Okskaya shipyard

The Volga Shipping Company will order four new dry cargo vessels this year with a total value of over 4 billion rubles. In total, within the framework of the renovation program, it is planned to build 20 such vessels to replace the Omsk and Sormovskii types. The fleet will be built at the Oka shipyard … Read more

Looking for a slipway for a rescuer // Rosmorrechflot selects a shipyard for a new icebreaker

Rosmorrechflot, with a one year delay, announced a tender for the construction of an 18 MW icebreaker for the Northern Sea Route for 13.3 billion rubles, which will be used by Morspasluzhba. Kommersant’s sources name Pella Sietas, Helsinki Shipyard Oy, Amur Plant and Zvezda as candidates. Experts note that the tender price looks more realistic … Read more