Spanish authorities confirmed a sharp decline in gas supplies from Russia to Europe

The total volume of Russian gas supplies to Europe has decreased by more than 82% over the year, said Spanish Deputy Prime Minister, Minister of Ecological Transition and Demographic Challenge Teresa Ribera. .

Goldin announced the impossibility of a sharp increase in US shale oil and gas production to help the EU

As Goldin noted, it is still unknown what is more profitable for producers: to increase production by investing in it, that is, by increasing costs and provoking a decrease in the cost of energy resources, or to maintain a high level of prices with a smaller volume of production. .

Gunzburg admitted the possibility of a sharp increase in mortality from COVID-19 in Russia Furman/ CC BY 2.0 Deaths from coronavirus in Russia have already tripled in the past month. The figure may double in the near future, said the director of the Center. N. F. Gamalei Alexander Gintsburg. Corresponding dynamics is observed all over the world. So, according to statistics, about 90 thousand people died in August, … Read more

The analyst explained the reason for the sharp decline in gas prices in Europe

The fall in gas prices in Europe on Monday, August 29, may be due to information that a number of EU countries have already filled their underground gas storage facilities (UGS) by almost 90% and are already ready for winter. Natalia Milchakova, a leading analyst at Freedom Finance Global, told Izvestia about this. According to … Read more

Residents of Russia were informed about a sharp drop in prices for a number of products since August 29

In addition to nuggets, pancakes with meat, chebupels, dumplings, fish sticks, meatballs and puff pastry will become cheaper. The fall in prices for dumplings will not bypass. For example, a package of the Siberian Collection will cost 250 rubles. .

Dollar exchange rate. Forecast for August 22-26 // Opinions and forecasts of analysts on how the ruble will behave

The ruble finished the last week with a sharp strengthening of its positions against foreign currencies. According to the results of Friday trading, the dollar exchange rate on the Moscow Exchange amounted to 59.1 rubles / $, which is 1.5 rubles. lower than the previous week’s close. The strengthening of the Russian currency was facilitated … Read more

Dear Enemies // The rise in oil prices has made Russia one of the three largest suppliers of the European Union

The increase in prices for raw materials, primarily for energy resources, led to a sharp increase in supplies from Russia to the EU countries. According to Eurostat, in the first half of the year, the increase in European imports from Russia amounted to 78.9%, the country also remained the third largest supplier to the EU. … Read more