Services of the social network “VKontakte” returned to normal operation

Earlier, users of VKontakte complained on Sunday about failures in its work. This was evidenced by the data of the Internet service failure detector from Brand Analytics. On Sunday evening, 67 complaints were received, most of all – these are residents of Moscow and St. Petersburg. .

Social network ЯRUS told about the best services for animals

The best pet shops, beauty salons, veterinary clinics, pet hotels and other zoo services are selected in the category “Service of the Year for Animals”. The YaRUS social network is always happy to support new initiatives. The application is used by people with different hobbies and undertakings. Many are not indifferent to others, including our … Read more

Indexation of housing and communal services tariffs in Russia began on December 1

The Government of the Russian Federation from December 1 raises tariffs for housing and communal services. Prices for gas, electricity, heat and water supply will be indexed in the country. .

Massive failures in the work of Internet services continue There are failures in the work of Spotify, Rutube, Odnoklassniki and a number of other Internet services. This is evidenced by Downdetector data. Rambler also stopped working for some users. Some users complain that they cannot get to the Yula website. A number of users have had problems with public services. Earlier it became … Read more

The Federal Antimonopoly Service will control the increase in housing and communal services tariffs

Typically, tariff increases occur once a year – from July, according to inflation. This applies to the cost of heating, hot and cold water, gas, electricity and garbage disposal. .

Kopaygorodsky instructed all services in Sochi to switch to an enhanced mode of operation due to bad weather

According to forecasts of weather forecasters, heavy rain and thunderstorms are expected in Sochi in the coming hours, with preservation on the night of November 27. It is also possible to increase the wind up to 13 meters per second. .

A young gay from the field of sex services turned to the police because of the antics of a stingy client in Moscow

A young gay man from the sex industry went to the police because of the antics of a stingy client in Moscow. The citizen did not pay for the evening in the company of a 19-year-old representative of sexual minorities and kicked him out of the apartment, according to the Shot Telegram channel. .

In Russia, the demand for the services of Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens increased in November

The Russians are already starting to look for Santa Clauses and Snow Maidens for the holidays. In the category “Events and promotions”, which includes the services of New Year’s magicians, demand in November this year increased by 12%, analysts of the YouDo services marketplace told Izvestia. Specialists of the service for searching specialists “Profi” recorded … Read more

Associate Professor of Russian Economic University Lebedinskaya recalled changes in housing and communal services tariffs from December 1

From December 1, the cost of cold and hot water, electricity, heat, gas and municipal solid waste will change. The authorities decided to limit the maximum growth of these tariffs to nine percent, Prime writes. .