Russia refused to send its films to the Oscars The Russian Film Academy has decided not to nominate the film for the Oscar this year, according to the organization’s official website. The question of Russia’s participation in the international competition has become acute in recent times. There was no consensus at the Film Academy regarding the nomination of a domestic film for an … Read more

Foreigners demanded to send Tutberidze to prison because of Valieva’s new program

Global Look Press | Dmitry Golubovich The new free program of figure skater Kamila Valieva has become one of the latest sensations. But the number prepared by the coaching staff of Eteri Tutberidze infuriated the foreign audience. Valieva, together with the coaching staff, decided to answer the experts who accused the skater of doping at … Read more

Fraudsters began to send SMS with a proposal to resolve the issue with the army

The Russians began to receive SMS messages with a proposal to “settle the issue” with the army, Izvestia was told on September 23 at Pro32, a cybersecurity company. “The deception is based on the version of connections with the military registration and enlistment office or guarantees of professional legal assistance. If the victim believed the … Read more

“Will not sell alone”: the German Ministry of Defense indicated a reluctance to send tanks to Ukraine

Bundeswehr-Fotos / CC BY 2.0 German Defense Minister Christina Lambrecht made a statement about the supply of German tanks to Ukraine, TASS reports. Since none of the partners of the FRG has sent Western-style battle tanks to Ukraine, Berlin does not intend to take individual steps on its part – this is Lambrecht’s main … Read more

The head of the EC proposed in the European Parliament to send electricity bills to Moscow

The head of the European Commission, Ursula von der Leyen, proposed in the European Parliament to send electricity bills to Moscow. Thus, the official responded to the criticism of the French parliamentarian for the energy crisis in Europe, RIA Novosti reports. Manon Aubrey showed von der Leyen the gas and electricity bills sent to her … Read more