Senator Alexei Pushkov responded to Stoltenberg’s statement on the role of NATO in the conflict in Ukraine

This is how the Russian senator commented on the statement by NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg that NATO’s task is to support Kyiv and prevent military operations from going beyond Ukraine. Pushkov called such a NATO game risky, since the situation is very fluid. This has already been confirmed by the incident with the explosion … Read more

Senator Tsekov commented on the proposal to ban the Latin alphabet in advertising

We are talking about a bill that will not allow the use in advertising of an alphabet that was not created on the basis of Cyrillic. Sergei Tsekov said that the ban on the Latin alphabet would help protect the Russian language from “enemies of Russia,” reports. .

Former US Senator Black: After the execution of prisoners, Western media began to talk about the crimes of the Armed Forces of Ukraine

Black recalled at least two more resonant videos that testify to the crimes of the Kyiv regime. We are talking about how the head of the “Mobile Hospital” Gennady Druzenko offered his doctors to castrate wounded Russian prisoners, as well as how in the camp of prisoners of war brought there from the battlefield, soldiers … Read more

Democratic senator proposes amnesty for all illegal immigrants in the United States

Critics of Schumer’s proposal emphasize that New York authorities were forced to declare a state of emergency after several thousand migrants arrived in the city. In turn, the amnesty of illegal immigrants will spur illegal migration, which during the presidency Joe Biden broke many years of records. .

Senator Tsekov called the nationalization of Ukrainian property in Crimea a logical answer

Head of the Parliament of the Republic Vladimir Konstantinov previously reported that the property of the Ukrainian oligarchs supporting Kyiv, for example, the Bakhchisaray plant “Stroyindustriya”, the shipyard “Zaliv” and a number of other objects in the Crimea, was nationalized. The authorities of the region will continue to identify the property of foreign persons committing … Read more

Houston Police Report Attack on Republican Senator Ted Cruz

It is noted that the incident occurred at the moment when Cruz was driving on the front platform along Smith Street. “The beer can hit the senator in the chest and neck, he did not need medical assistance,” TASS quoted the message as saying. The 33-year-old attacker could be charged with assault, according to police. … Read more

Senator Dzhabarov urged not to wait for a change in London’s political course on Ukraine

British Prime Minister Rishi Sunak may cut aid to Ukraine for financial reasons, which does not mean a change in London’s general political course. Vladimir Dzhabarov, a representative of the Federation Council of the Russian Federation, shared this point of view with the editors of the FAN. .