British stores began selling edible “fingers” of King Charles III

The chubby fingers of the British king, meanwhile, remain one of the most talked about things, occupying the seventh line in the ranking of requests in Internet search. Many people discuss the hands of Charles III, theorize and even diagnose the elderly monarch. .

Fraudsters started selling fake coal to Poles

Photo by Nikolay Kovalenko on Unsplash Residents of Poland began to receive fake coal from scammers. This is reported by the local TV channel Polsat. On the Web, ads for the sale of inexpensive fuel began to come across more and more often. For example, a resident of the Polish city of Zawiercie was given … Read more

The head of VARPE Zverev: selling prices for pink salmon in Russia reached a plateau after rising since January

© / Alexey FilippovRed fish processing MOSCOW, 14 Sep – The sale price for pink salmon in the Russian Federation has approximately doubled since the beginning of the year, stopping at about 250 rubles per kilogram by mid-September, said German Zverev, president of the All-Russian Association of Fishermen (VARPE). “Now the price has approached 250 … Read more

Air Moldova airline stopped selling tickets to Moscow

The Air Moldova airline stopped selling tickets for flights to Moscow after a ban on flights to the Russian Federation by the Moldovan Civil Aviation Authority. The carrier announced this on September 11 on the official website. It is noted that the decree banning national operators from flying in Russian airspace was issued by the … Read more

Nebenzya: Ukrainian corrupt officials are selling Western weapons on the black market Russia Corrupt officials from Ukraine have already succeeded in supplying the global black market with weapons sent by Western countries. The corresponding statement was made by the Permanent Representative of Russia to the UN Vasily Nebenzya at a meeting of the Security Council of the world organization. The Russian diplomat noted that Western leaders … Read more

Izvestia: Russian stores will start selling expired products

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MOSCOW, 18 Aug — Russian stores intend to sell expired products: retail company Magnit plans to reduce the amount of food waste sent to landfills, including by selling expired products to feed and fertilizer manufacturers, writes Izvestiya newspaper with reference to the company’s documents on sustainable development management. “Retail will start selling late. One of … Read more

Russian stores will start selling delays to feed and fertilizer producers

The publication refers to the sustainability management documents of the Magnit retailer. The company plans to transfer products for processing, optimize purchases from suppliers, and also sell expired products to counterparties. .

Hungarian OTP Bank is considering selling its subsidiary in Russia

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MOSCOW, 11 Aug – The Hungarian OTP Bank said that it is considering the sale of its Russian subsidiary (OTP Bank), follows from the report of the credit institution. “OTP’s management applies the ‘going concern’ principle, but in Russia management is considering all potential options… Options are being considered… including the possible sale of the … Read more