Political scientist Kornilov on the confiscation of Russian assets: this is a “pirate” seizure of property

“We have reached the stage when the pots between Russia and the West have been broken for a very long time. We can endlessly appeal to the right of private property, but nothing can be achieved. However, when this becomes a global problem, a headache for all countries, it is possible that we will be … Read more

the seizure of Russian assets has shaken confidence in the US financial system

The journalists of the publication emphasized that the freezing of the reserves of the Central Bank of the Russian Federation could be a turning point, the consequences of which in the future will lead to the collapse of the US financial hegemony. .

Americanist Drobnitsky: Seizure of Russian assets will mean the end of the dollar system

Global Look Press / CNP / AdMedia Washington, May 21st. The United States is not interested in transferring frozen Russian assets to Kyiv. Such an opinion in an interview with a correspondent of the international editorial office of the FAN was expressed by an Americanist Dmitry Drobnitsky. The expert confirmed that a number of European … Read more

Since 2014, NATO has been preparing Ukraine for the forcible seizure of Donbass

He recalled that since 2014 Ukraine has been under the control of the United States. Western countries regularly sent their military advisers there, and also pumped up the country with weapons in order to prepare it for a forceful solution of the issue with the LDNR, as well as an armed confrontation with the Russian … Read more

Two guards were injured during a shootout during a raider seizure in Ryazan

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“Squealing” and the seizure of administrative buildings: an Odessa woman spoke about the behavior of nationalists in the city

prt scr youtube.com/Alexey Zatsepin A resident of Odessa told a correspondent in a comment FAN about how notorious Nazis in the city urge people to look for “dissidents” and hand them over to the SBU. In particular, a neo-Nazi known for his brutal deeds and one of the participants in the mass murder of people … Read more

Russian Ambassador to Poland Andreev considers the seizure of Russian diplomatic property a gross violation of the law

The capture by the Poles of the building belonging to the Russian diplomatic mission should be regarded as a gross violation of international law. This conclusion was made by the Ambassador of the Russian Federation in Warsaw Sergey Andreev.

Polish Foreign Ministry pleased with seizure of Russian property

On Monday, Polish bailiffs seized Russian diplomatic property in Warsaw at 100 Sobieski Street. They cut the locks on the gates and the gate with a grinder, RIA Novosti writes. The Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs approved the decision of the Warsaw City Hall, saying that Russia owned the property illegally. The Polish authorities, according … Read more

Human rights activists prevented the US Congress from passing a law on the seizure of assets of Russian citizens

Federal news agency The non-governmental organization American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) opposed the adoption of a bill on the confiscation of monetary property of Russian citizens in the amount of more than $5 million. The Washington Post writes about this, citing sources. According to the publication, we are talking about individuals against whom sanctions were … Read more