Hungary will not support sanctions against cooperation with Russia in the energy sector

Szijjártó: Hungary will not support EU sanctions against energy cooperation with Russia © AP Photo / Bela SzandelszkyAn engineer of the Hungarian oil and gas company MOL checks the receiving area of ​​the Druzhba oil pipeline © AP Photo / Bela Szandelszky An engineer from the Hungarian oil and gas company MOL checks the receiving … Read more

Russia and CAR will strengthen cooperation in the agricultural sector Reisinger/ Bangui, 23 September. Russian Ambassador to the CAR Alexander Bikantov discussed with the Minister of Livestock of the Republic Hasan Buba the development of partnership in the field of agriculture. The politicians agreed on the implementation of joint initiatives in the field of animal husbandry and veterinary medicine. The Central African minister noted … Read more

The head of the Patriot Media Group urged to put Western “partners” in their place in the gas sector

Europe should not develop at the expense of Russian resources and at the same time impose sanctions against Moscow, said Nikolai Stolyarchuk, head of the Patriot Media Group, who visited the St. Petersburg International Gas Forum (SPIGF). .

FSB detained in Moscow a Russian who planned to join the “Right Sector”

Nikolay Gyngazov/Global Look Press Security forces detained a man in Moscow who wanted to join the Ukrainian extremist nationalist organization Right Sector* (banned in Russia). During searches, mobile phones, military equipment, nationalist literature and other symbols were confiscated from the detainee. A criminal case was initiated into the incident. * – an extremist organization banned … Read more

Morocco to expand partnership with Russia in the energy sector

According to the Russian official, the African kingdom is ready to look for ways of mutually beneficial cooperation between the two countries. Morocco is the third trading partner of the Russian Federation on the Black Continent. Despite Western sanctions, between January and June 2022, the turnover between the partners doubled.

Analyst Prokhorova: Demand for hydrocarbons in the global energy sector will remain for a long time

Federal News Agency Russian oil and gas companies may be of interest to investors due to fundamental reasons, Irina Prokhorova, an analyst at Otkritie Management Company, believes. According to her, the world economy for a long time, at least in the next decade, will need traditional energy sources, so investing in shares of mining companies … Read more

Malian authorities are developing the energy sector to strengthen the country’s independence / Nicolas Remene / Le Pictorium Bamako, 26 July. The Mali government has purchased new power generators as part of a plan to achieve energy independence. The Malian company EDM-SA will prepare the equipment for launch. By the end of the year, the country will be able to generate 180 MW of electricity. At … Read more

Residents of apartment buildings warned of imminent changes in the housing sector

Moscow Agency General Director of the housing and communal services company PJSC “GIT” Valery Kovalev warned of serious changes and innovations in the field of payment for housing and communal services. The words of the expert are transmitted by the Prime portal. It is planned to introduce a complete register of beneficiaries for payment of … Read more

the deployment point of the “Right Sector” was destroyed by the troops of the RF Armed Forces in the area of ​​Tsukurino

In addition, the Russian army hit two warehouses of the Armed Forces of Ukraine with fuel in the Galitsinovka and Konstantinovka regions of the Donetsk People’s Republic, as well as an artillery battery in the Novogrigorovka region of the DPR. In the Tsukurino area, the temporary deployment point of the Right Sector nationalist formation was … Read more