Sochi took first place in the ranking of popular tourist cities in the velvet season

According to the results of the study, the fourth and fifth places in the ranking were taken by Moscow and Kazan. The top ten most popular Russian cities among tourists also include Kaliningrad, Volgograd and Rostov-on-Don. Experts note that Kaliningrad was recognized as the cheapest city for travelers to live. .

Revealed the details of the new season of “American Horror Story”

Shot from the series “American Horror Story” Details of the new season of American Horror Story have been revealed. It starts on October 19 with the subtitle “New York”. The release of the 11th season will take place right before Halloween – it will include ten new episodes. Episode description reads: “New season. New town. … Read more

Prokhor Chaliapin took part in the filming of the new season of KVN

Global Look Press | Anatoly Lomokhov Singer Prokhor Chaliapin shared photos from the filming of the new season of KVN. The artist received a lot of positive emotions at the event. “This game has experienced a great many different events along with the whole country. I’m sure it will be the same this time! No … Read more

Naturopath Zimenskaya listed foods that should not be eaten during the cold season The human body adjusts to the winter mode with the onset of cold weather. What foods can not be eaten at this time of the year, said gastroenterologist and naturopath Anna Zimenskaya. Each person has their own health-related characteristics. However, when the air temperature drops, the body becomes more sensitive to such fluctuations. “In … Read more

Vilfand marked the end date of the velvet season in Russia A drop in temperature in Russia should be expected from October 3. It will start from the southern regions of the country, said the scientific director of the Hydrometeorological Center Roman Vilfand. In all regions, the velvet season will come to an end on October 10. According to the forecaster, this is considered “remarkable … Read more

Thousands of penguins prepare for mating season on the Valdez Peninsula

He noted that the females also arrive in September, just a little later. And the first thing they do is meet the males. The birds then gather on the beaches, perform mating dances, and mate. The penguins take turns incubating their eggs and feeding the chicks. .

Fountains in Moscow will stop working on October 1

NEVA NEWS | Zoya Chernichnaya The season of fountains in the capital will end on October 1. This was announced by the Deputy Mayor of Moscow for Housing and Public Utilities and Improvement Petr Biryukov. As the deputy mayor said, after the fountains are turned off due to the end of the season, they will … Read more

The autumn-winter tourist season has started in St. Petersburg

The multimedia program dedicated to the All-Russian Tourism Day was presented to St. Petersburg residents and guests of the city over the weekend. The event was organized by the St. Petersburg Tourism Development Committee with the support of the Federal Tourism Agency. Over three days, the festival in the heart of the city was visited … Read more

Ak Bars beat Traktor, scoring the first goal of the season in the majority

Kazan “Ak Bars” outplayed “Tractor” in the match of the regular championship of the KHL, for the first time in the season by implementing the majority. “Neftekhimik” suffered the tenth consecutive defeat. “Ak Bars” took “Tractor” in Kazan. In the first period, the hosts opened the scoring after an accurate throw by Kirill Panyukov. But … Read more