People are invited to look for work on the platform // The government approved a new procedure for registering the unemployed

Russian Prime Minister Mikhail Mishustin signed a decree on a new procedure for registering the unemployed, as well as citizens who apply to employment services for assistance in finding a job. Thus, they will be able to register on the basis of a single digital platform “Work in Russia”, the transition to which will allow … Read more

Overflow overflow of strife // Economic growth depends on both migrants and their qualifications

Migration contributes to the inflow of cheap labor to the sectors of the economy in need and contributes to their development or recovery, but it is difficult to rigorously confirm this hypothesis: economists have to specifically look for cases that allow, after the fact, to show in numbers that this is so. One such study, … Read more

Bread in Search of a Place // How Export Restrictions Affect the Russian Grain Market

Against the background of almost a decade record prices for its grain on world markets, Russia is losing its position as the largest exporter of wheat in the world and its share in the purchases of key consumers. This is facilitated by lower yields, increased grain harvest in competing countries and a floating export duty … Read more

Yahoo! suffered from “Secret Love” // The search engine was mistakenly blocked due to a complaint about piracy

Search engine Yahoo! I got into the register of pirate sites by mistake, which is managed by the Media Communication Union (MKS), and for several days was blocked in the search results of A complaint about the domain was filed by the producer of the series Secret Love. Return, ”Star Media, who soon recalled … Read more

TASS: ex-owner of the manufacturer B. Yu. Aleksandrov “put on the international wanted list

Co-owner of Rostagroexport (produces B. Yu. Aleksandrov cheese) Yuri Izachik has been put on the international wanted list in the framework of a criminal case on coercion into a transaction. This was reported by TASS with reference to a law enforcement source. Also, businessman Leonid Belilovsky was put on the wanted list in this case. … Read more

The Prime Minister of Ukraine urged to look for an alternative to gas

The Prime Minister of Ukraine Denis Shmygal believes that thermal companies need to look for other sources of energy due to the rise in gas prices. He suggested using biofuels as an alternative. Mr. Shmygal believes that now is the time to “think about energy efficiency and energy saving”. “These are the ways that will … Read more

Party Catch // Fishermen ask to optimize checks

The fishing industry continues to look for a solution to the problem of accumulated fish in the Far East. Now market participants are asking Rosselkhoznadzor to optimize the paperwork, which should speed up the shipment of goods. Suggestions include splitting the catch into batches and checking on board rather than onshore. The service assures that … Read more

In the face of a world processor // Russian microelectronic industry is being prepared for a restart

The global shortage of semiconductors, which led to higher prices for electronics, production problems and shortages in a number of industries, especially in the automotive industry, forced the Russian authorities to force import substitution. But the interests of different market participants diverge, officials have to maneuver and seek compromises. As a result, both the general … Read more

Artificial Intelligence in Search of Soft Power // Market Participants Discuss Future Industry Regulation

Robots are already replacing employees of call centers, and gradually the scope of their application will expand, including through the development of speech technologies, the participants of the Leaders of Digital Development forum said. However, the outlook for the market is highly dependent on regulation – international experts are in favor of tightening it, including … Read more