Tomsk scientists have developed a system to combat the creators of viruses

The employees of the scientific center of the university have developed a system that is able to identify programmers by their handwriting, the manner of writing code, according to the online publication Neskuchnye Tekhnologii. In addition, the development of Tomsk scientists can be used to prevent cases of plagiarism, which have become increasingly common. .

Scientists at the University of Chicago explain the phenomenon of more severe storms in the Southern Hemisphere

The severity of storms in the southern hemisphere was proved using satellite data. In these places, there is a strong jet stream, intense weather phenomena. For a more detailed explanation of the reasons, scientists needed not only satellite data, but also the results of observations. They combined all the known information into a climate model, … Read more

UGNTU scientists have created a device that will reduce the time of well construction

According to Professor Akhtyam Agliullin, head of the group of developers of the FlowMax circulating sub NCMU UGNTU, when drilling directional wells with significant horizontal reach, a large amount of cuttings accumulate on the wellbores. This means that the likelihood of such problems as tightening the drill string and its sticking with the borehole wall … Read more

The vector of development of the Eurasian REC was determined at the II Congress of Young Scientists

Director of the Department of Strategic Development of the Ministry of Education and Science of Russia Yuri Kazakov noted that Bashkortostan took an honorable 4th place in the first National Rating of Scientific and Technological Development of Regions, largely due to the active work of the Eurasian REC. – It was very interesting to see … Read more

Ecophysiologist Silvestro explains why many people love spicy food Some people just love spicy food. Ecophysiologist Roberto Silvestro of the University of Quebec explained why this is happening. According to the scientist, the craving for spicy food is associated with two factors – physiological and psychological. One possible reason for spicy cravings is to protect the body from parasites. The fact is that … Read more

Japanese scientists intend to start generating electricity from snow

As noted in the article, Japanese scientists plan to use the temperature difference between snow and air to generate electricity. The resulting convection current must be generated in the coolant inside the turbine, because of this, the latter will begin to rotate, generating electricity. .

Scientists have reconstructed the face of a 16th-century Icelandic woman who suffered from syphilis The face of a woman from Iceland who lived in the 16th century, struck by ulcers, was recreated by scientists from Brazil. The woman’s body was removed from the cemetery at Skriduklaustur Monastery in Iceland almost nine years ago. The researchers managed to find out that she lived for almost 30 years and suffered … Read more