Travel agent Fishbein spoke about fraudulent schemes in Turkish resorts Russians can become victims of scammers in Turkish resorts. Ekaterina Fishbein, head of the Your Mango Tour travel agency, spoke about the main schemes for deceiving travelers. According to her, tourists can apply for an excursion to guides with an attractive price. However, later it turns out that they will have to pay extra … Read more

Schemes journalists told how Russia transports stolen Ukrainian grain to Turkey

The journalists of the “Schemes” project published the results of the investigation, in which they prove that the Russian invaders are exporting Ukrainian grain from the occupied Crimea, including to Turkish ports. This is stated in the published investigation of the project. Radio Liberty reports Ukrinform. Journalists tracked the movement of two cargo ships – … Read more

The Central Bank warned of new schemes in the activities of financial pyramids

Another trend is cryptocurrencies. The organizers of financial pyramids promise payments to their customers in digital format. In order not to become a victim of fraud, the Central Bank expert urged to pay attention to a number of factors. .

Persistent interest // Arbitrators were limited in receiving remuneration

Interest remuneration is not due to an arbitration manager if debts to creditors in bankruptcy were repaid at the expense of money from receiving compensation, and not from the sale of property at auction. This decision was made by the Supreme Court (SC) of the Russian Federation, continuing the trend towards a decrease in the … Read more

The EU may continue to buy oil from Russia, but according to gray schemes

The European Union approved the sixth package of anti-Russian sanctions, postponing the embargo on oil for six months and for eight months on oil products. The restrictions did not include the supply of “black gold” through the “Druzhba” pipeline. The partial embargo includes temporary exemptions for Hungary, Slovakia, Bulgaria and Croatia. Experts believe that the … Read more

American and Ukrainian officials caught in “grey” schemes

Russia continues to investigate the activities of American biological laboratories in Ukraine. In particular, it turned out that US and Ukrainian officials stole 17.7 million hryvnia during the modernization of three biological laboratories in Ukraine. Lieutenant-General Igor Kirillov, head of the Radiation Chemical and Biological Protection Troops, told about this on Friday. According to Kirillov, … Read more

Cryptocurrencies have gone the Herbalife way // New investors in cryptocurrency projects are attracted with the help of network marketing and suspicious schemes

The recent record drop in the rates of cryptocurrencies and the value of other cryptoassets has led to the activation of ambiguous or frankly fraudulent schemes to attract unqualified and inexperienced investors to cryptocurrency projects. Regulators in different countries are concerned about the growth of network marketing, the increase in the number of pyramid schemes … Read more

The West builds its provocations according to the schemes of the Third Reich

By organizing provocations against Russia, the West is copying the methods of the Third Reich. This was indicated in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Russian Federation. Moreover, the direct descendants of the accomplices of the German Nazis are doing this. What methods have remained unchanged for 80 years? They didn’t even come up … Read more

Sberbank warns of scammers returning to schemes with malicious applications

Sberbank expects scammers to start creating fake malicious applications in the near future. Attackers began to find victims on social networks more often and target the audience of young people aged 18–22. Stanislav Kuznetsov in an interview with RIA Novosti. The traditional scheme of attackers is a brace call from a bank employee or a … Read more