Children from Mariupol shared their emotions after the Scarlet Sails holiday

The children of Mariupol were greatly impressed by the Scarlet Sails holiday in St. Petersburg. Recent students said they were touched by the warm welcome they received. “When we entered the fan zone, everyone began to rejoice that Mariupol had arrived. It was nice, everyone met us, waved to us, smiled, showed hearts, ”said one … Read more

“Scarlet Sails”: scale and special fireworks

Impressive celebrations took place in St. Petersburg. The majestic brig “Russia” passed along the Neva under scarlet sails as a symbol of a lofty dream and boundless faith in a miracle. More than 60 thousand graduates were able to see how scarlet sails sailed over the water surface, and flashes of fireworks lit up the … Read more

Public utilities of St. Petersburg collected more than three tons of waste after the show “Scarlet Sails” More than three tons of waste was taken out of St. Petersburg after the holiday of graduates “Scarlet Sails”, which took place on the night of June 24-25. Waste collection was carried out by employees of the Nevsky Ecological Operator together with the vehicle fleet No. 1 “Spetstrans”. The waste was sent for processing … Read more

Shops in 17 districts of St. Petersburg sold alcohol bypassing the ban on the day of “Scarlet Sails”

On the day of the “Scarlet Sails” in St. Petersburg, the sale of alcohol-containing products was prohibited. Despite this, most of the city’s stores violated the “dry law”, the press service of the regional department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs reports. .

Singer Alsu admitted that she was worried before the start of the holiday “Scarlet Sails”

According to her, she was worried for several reasons. This is both a live broadcast and the scale of the event. However, Alsu expressed her readiness to come to the “Scarlet Sails” every year, not only as a presenter, but also as an artist. .

What do you remember about the main holiday of graduates “Scarlet Sails”

Petersburg hosted one of the most beautiful celebrations for the Scarlet Sails graduates. The majestic ship sailed along the Neva and marked the end of school life for tens of thousands of young people. The concert program on Palace Square began at 22:00. Former schoolchildren from the stage were welcomed and escorted into adulthood Alsou … Read more

“Scarlet Sails” was held for the first time in Mariupol

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Zhukov on “Scarlet Sails” urged graduates to go forward without fear

The leader of the famous pop group “Hands Up” Sergei Zhukov addressed the graduates after performing at the “Scarlet Sails” festival in St. Petersburg. “This is a great unity of all people. Everyone is waiting, this one is so symbolic. Such a beautiful point in the youth of people who will wake up tomorrow as … Read more

“Scarlet Sails” cemented twinning ties between Mariupol and St. Petersburg

Mariupol and St. Petersburg have recently become sister cities. Relations between the two cities were strengthened by the holiday of graduates “Scarlet Sails”, which took place on the night of June 25, reports the correspondent of “Izvestia” Ksenia Soldatova. So, for the residents of Mariupol, they organized a smaller, but spectacular passage of the ship … Read more