Skinny Boris Korchevnikov scared fans with a tired appearance

Korchevnikov had previously undergone surgery, during which doctors hit the auditory nerve of the TV presenter. Because of this, his hearing is getting worse. According to the artist himself, live communication with people is of great importance to him. .

the development of cooperation between Russia and China scared the United States

According to him, this threat will multiply if the forces of China and Russia can be jointly coordinated in a number of areas. At the same time, the effective exchange of information between the forces of the two countries will cause “unprecedented” concern to the Pentagon. .

Garik Martirosyan’s wife scared fans with a “mutilated plastic” face

Pravda Komsomolskaya/Russian Look/Global Look Press Zhanna Levina, the wife of showman Garik Martirosyan, actively maintains her blog on social networks. She decided to play a trick on her subscribers and published an unusual photo. In the picture, 46-year-old Levina showed fans a disfigured plastic face. We are talking about an unnaturally thin nose and swollen … Read more

360kuai: the news about the transfer of the MiG-31K to Kaliningrad scared Poland and the Baltics to death / Alex Beltyukov / CC BY-SA 3.0 The news about the transfer of the MiG-31K to Kaliningrad scared the Baltic States and Poland. This was reported by the Chinese newspaper 360kuai. According to the author of the material, now the countries of Eastern Europe, which provoke Moscow, are experiencing genuine fear. Poland, Estonia and … Read more

Putin’s statement about Zircon missiles at the Navy Day parade scared the British

The words of Russian President Vladimir Putin about the supply of Zircon hypersonic missile systems to the Russian Armed Forces caused panic in the UK. This was reported by journalist Douglas Patience in an article for the Mirror. Peishent noted that hypersonic weapons can travel at nine times the speed of sound and called the … Read more

FT: US scared Europe to make mention of oil price cap

  © AP Photo / Virginia Mayo – EU and US flags on the building of the European Parliament in Brussels. Archive photo MOSCOW, July 16 – The US proposal to limit the price of Russian oil will only underline the dependence of the whole world on this resource, writes journalist Martin Sandbu for the … Read more

“Vzglyad”: Germany’s hysteria over a possible gas shortage in winter scared the whole of Europe

Victor Lisitsyn, Victor Lisitsyn/Global Look Press Germany urgently began to pass laws regulating the energy industry in the event of a possible reduction in gas supplies from Russia. Germany fears that the country may be left without fuel in the coming winter, the Vzglyad newspaper writes. The German authorities plan to increase the use of … Read more