Britain’s home heating temperature could be lowered as part of energy savings campaign

The reason for the decision to save energy was the large-scale spending by the authorities of the United Kingdom, aimed at ensuring the freezing of energy bills for the population at the level of 2.5 thousand pounds a year. .

Europe may not be able to cope with gas savings in winter and face energy shortages

The Eurozone countries have coped with providing themselves with a supply of fuel for this winter. However, if raw materials are not saved, they can quickly run out, and there will be nothing to make up for what has been used up. .

Expert Kogan called ways to save savings in the face of inflation

Kogan believes that it is much safer and more reliable to buy Hong Kong dollars or UAE dirhams, bonds of Russian state corporations denominated in yuan or rubles, as well as shares of investment funds that invest in gold. A good option is to buy shares of gold mining companies. .

The Russians explained the nuances of the new reform of the pension savings system

For example, a number of bills have already been submitted to the State Duma on how to increase part of the budget. In any case, there will be money for this, but the key emphasis of the reform should be made on the growth of pensions, the expert added. .

Urgent transfer of pension savings will help to avoid losing money

The expert recalled that there are two types of transfer of pension savings – urgent and early. However, if the funds are transferred early to another fund, the investment income accumulated since the last fixation, which occurs every five years, is not transferred. .