Chelyabinsk doctors saved a child who had a needle in the bronchi In Magnitogorsk, a four-year-old child stuck a needle up his nose and then breathed it into himself. Doctors had to remove the dangerous object with the help of a complex and unpleasant procedure. The frightened parents of the baby turned to the medical institution. As it turned out, the needle was stuck in the … Read more

A patient with advanced inflammation of the appendages was saved in the suburbs

In the Moscow region, doctors saved a patient with advanced inflammation of the appendages. This was reported on Monday, December 5, on the website of the regional Ministry of Health. A 34-year-old woman was admitted to the Podolsky maternity hospital with acute pain in the lower abdomen. On ultrasound, doctors saw an advanced stage of … Read more

Nikita Pechenkin will be saved by spinal surgery

Vesti.Ru and Rusfond teamed up to help seriously ill children. As part of the project, we talk about children and their parents who are in trouble, experiencing grief and need, desperate to find funds for treatment. There is nothing more terrible than the suffering of a child – and nothing more joyful than his recovery. … Read more

An employee of the colony saved a woman freezing in the forest in the Urals

A worker of the colony heard a scream in the forest next to the railway. In the end, she found the victim, who was immobilized due to severe cold. The woman called her husband, who called an ambulance. As a result, the citizen was hospitalized. .

A resident of the Novosibirsk region saved the imperial eagle The Ministry of Natural Resources of the Novosibirsk Region told how they managed to save a rare Red Book bird from death. According to the agency, a farm worker in the village of Izynsky, Toguchinsky District, found an exhausted bird on the ground and immediately called the specialists. The state inspector and the veterinarian … Read more

Doctors saved a man who miraculously survived a fall from the roof of a house in the Sverdlovsk region

The incident took place in the city of Kushva. According to the worker, during the repair of the roof, he was distracted, unfastened the safety cable and fell. As a result, the man was diagnosed with a closed craniocerebral injury, chest contusion, concussion and multiple fractures. .