Truck stop on demand // Oleg Sapozhkov on the dilemmas of public administration in the field of traffic rules

puzzle the editor of the department of economics Oleg Sapozhkov.

Numbers with comments in any language // Oleg Sapozhkov on import statistics that cannot be closed

The refusal of the Russian authorities to publish foreign trade and sectoral statistics of the fuel and energy complex, no matter what considerations it may be due to, does not achieve its goals, whatever they may be. On the contrary, it often leads to the emergence of sensations, which in conditions of openness, probably, in … Read more

The form waited for the content // Oleg Sapozhkov on the real assessment of normative acts

Long-term reading of draft regulations published by ministries and departments on the portal to assess their regulatory impact has taught us to almost never read explanatory notes to them to the end – in the vast majority of cases they end with the canonical formula “The draft … does not contain provisions that establish, … Read more

Risk-based defense // Oleg Sapozhkov on the differences between real and imaginary economic security

When, quite recently, the government apparatus estimated the business savings received by them from the work of the “regulatory guillotine” at 200 billion rubles. per year, the figure made an impression both on the reformers themselves and on the market participants – but it melted away just like the memory of peacetime. The benefit of … Read more

Krasnopresnenskaya Corporation // The results of the restructuring of the management style in the White House became visible

Due to the pandemic and the associated large volume of “emergency” economic measures, our attention in recent years has been mainly focused on how the government of Mikhail Mishustin is responding to current challenges, and to a lesser extent on how the White House itself is changing. yourself. However, Oleg Sapozhkov, editor of the economic … Read more

The stake is more than it should be // Oleg Sapozhkov on the risks of industrial policy

With regard to import substitution, enthusiasm is more often demonstrated by officials of the industrial and defense blocs of the government, and skepticism is shown by Russian market participants, although it would seem that these measures are being taken to protect them. Even state-owned companies are not very keen on fulfilling quotas for purchases of … Read more

The accident is the daughter of order // Oleg Sapozhkov on the prospects of the program of resettlement of unfit housing

Since the beginning of the program of resettlement of emergency housing in the Russian Federation in 2007, we were interested in the question of the possibility of its completion someday, but so far the areas are only growing. The discussion that arose last week on the initiative of the Khanty-Mansi Autonomous Okrug about the recognition … Read more

Import substitution of mistakes // Oleg Sapozhkov on the consequences of protecting markets, which could have been dispensed with

Disputes between supporters and opponents of protectionism are usually hypothetical in nature, and the positions taken are rarely justified by intelligible argumentation. However, recently the World Bank published the work of Massimiliano Cali and Angela Monfaucon “Non-tariff measures: competition with imports and exports”, which could put an end to the discussion. …