“Russia should not be analyzed as a single object” // Macroeconomist of the World Bank – on little-known achievements in the country’s development

Five years later, the World Bank’s Chief Economist for Russia Apurva Sanghi leaves his post. In his farewell column for Kommersant, he reflects on Russia’s invaluable successes. In 2016, just after taking office as the World Bank’s Chief Economist for Russia, I started writing about the Russian economy. Now that my term in Russia is … Read more

Reception for fighting poverty

World Bank Chief Economist Apurva Sanghi and his colleagues Samuel Freihe-Rodrigue and Nitin Umapati in a column for Kommersant summarize and highlight the peculiarities of the poverty. The COVID-19 pandemic continues to impact our lives and stifle economic activity around the world. The World Bank estimates that by the end of this year alone, more … Read more