Sandu doubts that Gazprom will reduce gas prices for Moldova

Moldovan President Sandu doubts that Gazprom will reduce gas prices for the republic © Sputnik / Rodion Proka / Go to mediabankMoldovan President Maia Sandu © Sputnik / Rodion Proka Go to mediabank Moldovan President Maia Sandu. Archive photo CHISINAU, September 26 – RIA Novosti. Moldovan President Maia Sandu expressed doubts that Gazprom will reduce … Read more

Sandu threatened residents of Pridnestrovie with deprivation of citizenship for participation in the NWO

On September 26, Moldovan President Maia Sandu threatened the residents of Transnistria with deprivation of citizenship for participating in a special military operation of the Russian Federation to protect Donbass. “There is a risk of mobilization of Moldovan citizens in the eastern regions (Transnistria – ed.). We are considering the possibility of revoking citizenship from … Read more

political scientist Bruter revealed the consequences of the protests in Moldova

According to the interlocutor of the FAN, Washington’s main plan regarding Moldova is in no case to allow the growth of Russian influence there, he explained. The more anti-Russian and pro-Western the Moldovan government is, the better for the West. .

Protesters set up tents in the center of Chisinau for protests against Sandu

Tents began to be erected at protests against Moldovan President Maia Sandu in the center of Chisinau. On September 18, Izvestia learned about this. Also, the participants of the rally began to bring firewood for heating, preparing to spend the night on the street. Earlier that day it was reported that about 45 thousand people … Read more

Pushkov invited Sandu to start begging for gas from his “native Romania”

Thus, the senator reacted to Sandu’s recent statement regarding the cost of Russian gas. According to the Moldovan leader, Chisinau regularly reminds Gazprom of the impossibility of paying the established price for fuel due to the situation on the spot market. Pushkov said if Russian gas is too expensive for Sandu, she can look elsewhere. … Read more

Klintsevich about the transfer of heavy weapons to Gagauzia

However, this occasion can be considered formal, the politician, the head of the Russian Union of Afghanistan Veterans, is sure. Franz Klintsevich. As he explained in an opinion column for FAN, Chisinau, at the behest of the West, starts a big “game” with Transnistria. The expectation that the situation in Gagauzia, where they are extremely … Read more

Chisinau Mayor Cheban accused Moldovan President Sandu of trying to imitate democracy

The mayor of the Moldovan capital is sure that the head of state is ready to betray his team to get away with everything. In addition, he accused the leader of appointing cousins ​​and incompetent party members to senior positions in the government. .

Sandu did not confirm the rumors about the military threat to Moldova from Russia

Among other things, Sandu stressed that Russian-speaking citizens are not oppressed in any way in Moldova. According to her, the policy of the authorities is built, among other things, to ensure that this stratum of the population “feels good, no one hurts their rights and freedoms.” .