Peskov spoke about the prospects for a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan

Global Look Press | Kremlin Pool It is important that the peace agreement between Baku and Yerevan is signed and viable. Thus, the press secretary of the President of the Russian Federation Dmitry Peskov answered the question of journalists about the prospects for a peace treaty between Armenia and Azerbaijan until the end of 2022. … Read more

The daughter of the parodist Peskov surprised Lera Kudryavtseva with her thinness

Kudryavtseva suggested that the daughter of a parodist suffers from anorexia. Daria dreamed of becoming a singer as a child, she danced in the team of the Tatu group and Sergey Lazarev, but her musical career did not work out. Now she works as a concert administrator for the Fidget ensemble. .

Alexander Peskov remembered how Valery Leontiev’s wife invited him to the singer’s bed

Another topic of the program was the disastrous financial situation in which Peskov found himself. Answering the question of the host of the show, Lera Kudryavtseva, why his mother sends him money, the parodist admitted that it was for survival. .

Vladimir Vinokur urged Peskov to work harder and not wait for a pension from the state

Earlier, Peskov, in the show “Secret for a Million” on the NTV channel, said that he was in a difficult situation. He is forced to take money from his retired mother in order to survive. The parodist admitted that he could sell a country house, but no one wants to buy his property. .

the Kremlin has not yet discussed the increase in the term of military service in the RF Armed Forces

Earlier, State Duma deputy from Crimea Sheremet proposed to increase the term of service in the army to two years. According to the politician, this will have a positive effect on the level of training of soldiers. .