Russia will be able to sell the debts of other states

According to the materials for the project, the Russian government plans to consolidate this mechanism in the federal budget by 2023. Such a measure was proposed in the context of sanctions imposed by the United States and EU countries. Due to restrictions, it became difficult to service the debts of states to Russia. .

Maduro called the imposition of sanctions against the Russian Federation suicidal for Europe and the United States

Europe and the US are committing suicide by trying to harm Russia with sanctions. This was announced on Wednesday, September 28, by Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro. “Trying to kill Russia, they declared economic and social suicide – of their society, of their economy, in order to damage Russia, to end Russia because of the obsession … Read more

Gazprom announced the possible imposition of sanctions by the Russian authorities against Naftogaz

Federal News Agency The Russian authorities may impose sanctions on the Ukrainian energy company Naftogaz. This was reported in the press service of the holding. If Naftogaz does not stop its attempts to have the transit fee dispute resolved in an international court, all transactions between Russia and Naftogaz, including settlements, will be banned. “Gazprom … Read more

The West fell victim to its own weapons against Russia

Satanovsky admitted that at first, during its heyday, the United States was able to extend its influence to the West, stopping only in view of the Far East. They subjugated the Pacific Ocean, and finally created a bunch of useless military blocks, dragging Japan, Australia, New Zealand and many others into their sinking boat. But … Read more

The Russians called the ways of transferring money to the CIS countries against the backdrop of sanctions

The EU, as part of a new package of sanctions, may increase the list of banks disconnected from SWIFT, FederalPress reports. Thus, the European Union hopes to increase pressure on Russia. .

sanctions against the Russian Federation will lead to a shortage of oil and gas in Europe

The Western embargo on Russian oil is not afraid of the Russian Federation – it will send 75% of its volumes to other regions. At most, Moscow may lose small buyers in Africa. However, India will easily make up for their loss by significantly increasing the import of Russian oil. .