The director of the company in Novosibirsk appropriated the salaries of his employees for seven months

A criminal case was initiated against the director of the company under Part 2 of Art. 145.1 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (complete non-payment of more than two months of wages and other payments established by law, committed out of selfish and other personal interest by the head of the organization). The … Read more

The government of the Ryazan region increased the salaries of employees of state institutions

Starting from October 1, the wages of employees of state institutions of the Ryazan region and employees replacing positions will be indexed by 4%, the RZN.Info online publication reports. According to the Acting Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the region Elena Karpenko, we are talking about 38 thousand and 200 Ryazan residents, respectively. … Read more

The predicted nominal salary of Russians by 2025 will be 80 thousand rubles

In addition, the authorities are planning to increase the living wage for people of retirement age. If last year it was at the level of 10,022 rubles, then by the end of 2022 it can grow to 11,970 rubles, and by 2025 the amount will be approximately 13,673 rubles. .

Economist Timofeev: millions of state employees will increase salaries from October 1 Millions of state employees can count on a salary increase from September 1. We are talking about those who did not fall under the May decrees of the President, said Associate Professor of the Department of Economics of the Russian University of Economics. G.V. Plekhanov Alexander Timofeev. The amount of allowances will vary greatly … Read more

Oleg Menshikov, artistic director of Yermolova’s tetra, got into a scandal due to non-payment of salaries to employees

Ekaterina Tsvetkova/Global Look Press Actress tetra them. Yermolova Elena Burkhanova-Kalinina spoke about another conflict with the artistic director of the institution, Oleg Menshikov. In an interview with Komsomolskaya Pravda, the artist said that she and some of her colleagues were not paid salaries. We are talking about employees who, by court decision, were reinstated after … Read more

Wage cuts did not prevent spending // Social payments and “other income” stopped the decline in household consumption

According to Rosstat, by the end of the second quarter, the rate of decline in real wages and consumption of non-food products in annual terms slowed down. Against the backdrop of declining wages (the main factor in the fall in real incomes by 0.8%), a stable labor market, the growth of social transfers and other … Read more

Real wages of Russians in May decreased by 6.1% in annual terms

The decline in real wages in Russia in annual terms in May amounted to 6.1%, Rosstat reported. In April, this figure was 7.2%. According to the agency, the average monthly salary amounted to 62.4 thousand rubles, an increase of 10% compared to May 2021 and 0.2% compared to April 2022. At the same time, the … Read more

Enlightenment is not without difficulty // A shortage of teachers has formed in the Russian Federation

As follows from the data of the Center for the Economics of Lifelong Education of the RANEPA, in most federal districts in the Russian Federation there is a shortage of teachers, teaching staff and school leaders. In the country as a whole, the number of vacancies in the general education sector exceeds the number of … Read more