Three people were injured in an accident with an overturned car on Sakhalin

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Bear with cubs arranged a walk in the Sakhalin village of Olshanka A correspondent witnessed a bear and her two cubs walking in the village of Olshanka, Uglegorsk district. The author is worried that club-footed predators may come out to people in search of food. A few days ago, the author of the portal heard the unreasonable barking of dogs. Sakhalin did not assume that … Read more

At least 12 families left without a home as a result of a fire in Sakhalin

A fire broke out in the village of Uglezavodsk in the Dolinsky district of Sakhalin, leaving 12 families homeless. This was reported on September 30 by the portal IA It is noted that the message about the fire in the Dolinsky fire and rescue garrison was received at 05:54 (21:54 Moscow time). On Lenin … Read more

Sakhalin Forest Climate Projects to Complement Measures to Achieve Carbon Neutrality

What are the goals of this “pilot”? Develop mechanisms, a regulatory framework, work out relationships with business and regulatory (supervisory) bodies within the region, create a system of verifiers to make the “machine” work. It can already be said that within the framework of developing a common system, the Sakhalin Region is successfully entering this … Read more

Sakhalin set fire to a car with a man and filmed it on video On Wednesday, September 28, the Sakhalin Regional Court sentenced a man who committed a murder with extreme cruelty. The convict burned a man alive and received 17.5 years in prison, correspondent reports. The killer reportedly burned the car with the man inside, whom he had a personal grudge against. The offender waited for … Read more

On Sakhalin, physics will be taught in schools through experiments

“Physics is often perceived by children as a science of the past, outdated, and it is not clear why it is necessary,” says Grigory Goltsman, head of the department of general and experimental physics at Moscow State Pedagogical University. – As a result, fewer and fewer schoolchildren pass the exam in physics. The words of … Read more

Geophysicists have registered an earthquake of magnitude 4.7 on Sakhalin

The Main Directorate of the Ministry of Emergency Situations of Russia for the Sakhalin Region noted that the earthquake was felt by residents of the urban-type settlement of Tymovskoye and the village of Argi-Pargi. According to preliminary data, as a result of the incident there were no casualties and no damage. Authorities and rescuers inspect … Read more