The player of “Wings of the Soviets” Kovalenko refused Armenia for the sake of playing for the Russian national team

Representatives of the local football federation spoke with the young player, but he immediately made it clear that he would not play for Armenia. Kovalenko spoke about a balanced decision to make a choice in favor of Russia. .

Activists from Just Stop Oil admitted that they are ready to cut pictures for the sake of the environment | Titian / Public domain British activists said that they do not rule out damage to well-known paintings in the future in order to draw attention to environmental problems. Public activists call to withdraw the decision on oil and gas production in 46 fields in 2025. The journalists asked the representative of the movement, … Read more

Ex-deputy Khudyakov said that Alla Pugacheva sacrificed everything for the sake of Maxim Galkin

Moscow Agency | Alexander Avilov Diva Alla Pugacheva could not hold back her tears from meeting her husband Maxim Galkin* (an individual acting as a foreign agent on the territory of the Russian Federation) at the premiere of the video version of the play “Take care of your faces”. Ex-State Duma deputy Roman Khudyakov did … Read more

A Chinese woman chose to work in a cemetery instead of an office for the sake of harmony in her personal life

The girl became famous on social networks after she spoke about her activities. The Chinese woman described the work as “life in early retirement” and emphasized that she has enough free time. Thanks to this, a resident of China can enjoy beautiful scenery, while she is not burdened with compliance with the rules of office … Read more

In Moscow, a taxi driver was killed with a seat belt for the sake of 5 thousand rubles and a bank card

The tragedy happened on Yelninskaya Street on the night of November 21, writes REN TV. The offender got into the car, beat the driver, tied his hands with mounting clamps, and then strangled him with a seat belt. Having dealt with the driver, the 33-year-old killer stole 5 thousand rubles and a bank card from … Read more

Extortionists who brutally beat two people for the sake of 3 million rubles were arrested in Tyumen

According to the investigation, on November 18 of this year, Denis B., born in 1998, Karamali D., born in 1993, Murafis G., born in 1991, Ramin I., born in 1989, demanded 3 million rubles from two men in the slaughterhouse of one from enterprises in the Yalutorovsky district of the regional center. .

Wasserman: the incident with the shelling of Poland is being promoted for the sake of additional pressure on Russia | Nickispeaki / CC BY-SA 4.0 As a result of the explosion of a Ukrainian anti-aircraft missile in Poland, two farmers were killed. Ukraine is going to make every effort to use the incident with the explosion on the Polish border as an excuse to bring into force Article 5 of the North Atlantic … Read more

Political scientist Babich spoke about the unwillingness of the West to start a conflict with Russia for the sake of Poland

The political scientist pointed to the nervousness and emotionality of the Baltic republics, which rushed to develop Russophobic fears. Acting in a coalition openly hostile to Moscow, the former Soviet entities are afraid to bear responsibility for their own dirty tricks. .

Self-ban on loans for the sake of protection from fraudsters has not become popular with Russians

Russians are reluctant to use a method of protection against fraudsters, which involves a self-prohibition of lending. Citizens have been able to install it since October 1. An Izvestia source in a top 10 bank said on November 16 that not many people are interested in the new service. In the Crimean RNKB, 39 clients … Read more