Forecaster Mishulovina advised Petersburgers not to wait for Indian summer in October

The meteorologist claims that in the coming days it will begin to rapidly darken rapidly. According to her, in September there were 135 hours of light, and in October this figure will be reduced to 62 hours. In addition, the amount of precipitation will increase significantly. .

The average air temperature in St. Petersburg was below normal in September

The meteorologist stressed that the average air temperature was slightly above +10 degrees. At the same time, he noted that abnormally cold weather conditions in September have been observed in St. Petersburg for two years in a row. Thus, in 2008 the average air temperature was +10.7 degrees. The lowest values ​​were recorded in 1996, … Read more

Veterans of the traffic police equipped the square of the Children’s Hospital No. 3 on Vasilyevsky Island

On Tuesday, September 27, the Traffic Police Department of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of the Russian Federation for St. Petersburg and the Leningrad Region, together with the Council of Veterans of the Traffic Police, held an event as part of the Green Russia campaign. .

Daria Dugina street appeared in Russia

The decision of the Yasnogorsk authorities to give the name of Darya to one of the streets is not just a tribute to a talented person, an idealist, a patriot, but also a very important step in the patriotic education of Russian youth. Obviously, the street in Yasnogorsk is only the first such toponym. .

Registry offices did not explain how to get married out of turn to mobilized Petersburgers

In one of the registry offices they also asked to read the text of the agenda, when the journalist called, calling himself mobilized. In this case, the dispassionate servants of Cupid and Psyche will be able to study the circumstances in which the Petersburgers have fallen, and, perhaps, they will find time to register their … Read more

Transport reform made buses inaccessible for St. Petersburg disabled people

There are federal social standards that require buses to be low-floor. As part of the transport reform in St. Petersburg, such things should have been taken into account, said in an interview FAN Director of the Center for the Study of Transport Problems in Megacities of the Institute of Transport Economics and Transport Policy, National … Read more

Mobilized Petersburgers can be paid the same as the military under the contract

St. Petersburg public and political figure, deputy of the Legislative Assembly of St. Petersburg Mikhail Amosov in conversation with a correspondent FAN said that, most likely, to pay money to those who fell under partial mobilization will be the same as to contracted servicemen. .

The latest developments for the gas industry were presented at SPIGF

Stepan Yatsko Lakhta Center, Yacht Bridge The eleventh international gas forum was held in St. Petersburg. For four days, leading experts from major Russian and foreign companies held lively discussions to set the right vector for the development of the oil and gas industry. Within the framework of the forum, 80 events of the business … Read more