German human rights activists turned to the police because of discrimination against Russians in Germany

It is noted that members of VADAR filed eight applications with the German criminal police. One of them featured the head of the Christian Democratic Union in Berlin, Stefan Evers, who incited hatred against the participants in the rally for Russia. .

Ethnographer Karpushin condemned the Latvian authorities for technologically planned Russophobia

Speaking about the demolition of Soviet monuments in Latvia, the mayor bluntly states that the authorities had “4 scenarios — soft A and up to D, which was quite hard,” added the expert. Karpushin also recalled the words of Stakis that “The best way to convince families — is to work with children” with the … Read more

A resident of Kyiv spoke about the Russophobic policy of local authorities and the difficulties of life without electricity

Global Look Press | Alexander Farnsworth A researcher from Kyiv honestly spoke about the situation in the Ukrainian capital, asking not to be named. According to the man, power outages remain a serious problem for the second week. In many areas there is no heating and hot water. There were also warnings from mobile providers … Read more

Koshkin on military training for the inhabitants of Poland: a project to deliberately increase Russophobia

Federal news agency By launching a basic military training program for local residents, Warsaw deliberately increases Russophobia in the country. Such an opinion in an interview with a correspondent FAN voiced by an expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists, Head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian University of … Read more

The Russian Foreign Ministry said that the United States is promoting Russophobia among hackers in the world

“The Pentagon and the US National Security Agency boast that they are conducting offensive operations against other independent states under the pretext of protecting “democracy”, human rights. They encourage Russophobia among the hacker international,” he said. According to him, US intelligence agencies are attracting Western monopolies to cooperation, in particular Microsoft, which “subordinates the digital … Read more

I could not think that I would live to see this: Sosnovsky spoke about the most terrible changes in Germany

Federal News Agency The so far undeclared war with Russia, coupled with anti-Russian propaganda that has penetrated even into domestic politics, is rapidly turning Germany into a monster. Such experiments with the Germans were probably carried out only during the Third Reich, and it seems that the top leadership of the FRG is trying to … Read more

fines for supporting Russia in Europe are part of the preparation for war

The sociologist stressed that none of the EU countries, where citizens are persecuted for pro-Russian sentiments, has severed diplomatic relations with Russia. That is, there is a complete violation of law as such, and it’s not even possible to determine what standard is here — triple or gear. .

pressure on the Orthodox in Poland is part of the struggle of the West with the Russian world

Today, Orthodox Western Russians are experiencing serious Russophobic pressure aimed at their denazification and ethnic reformatting. This was told by the historian of Russian conservative thought, publicist, candidate of historical sciences, member of the Union of Writers of Russia Mikhail Smolin in an interview with the international editorial office of the FAN. .

Actor Nikonenko urged to fight Russophobia after the explosion on the Crimean bridge

The star of the TV series “Sanitsa” noted that he himself had repeatedly traveled along the Crimean bridge and therefore did not understand why an explosion could occur. Nikonenko called the incident a terrorist attack and called for fighting Russophobia. .