A million mobilized and the flight of Russians – what fakes were spread in Ukraine on September 22

The fact that the draft will affect only 300 thousand men, and not a million, as propagandists claim, was announced on September 21 by the head of the Russian Defense Ministry, Sergei Shoigu, adding that the mobilization procedures are planned to be carried out gradually. His words were confirmed by the press secretary of the … Read more

Finnish Prime Minister urged to stop the transit of Russians through the country

The transit of Russians with a Schengen visa through Finland should stop, the Finnish government is working on a legal justification for these restrictions. This was stated at a briefing on September 22 by the head of the Finnish government, Sanna Marin. “The goal of the government is very clear. We believe that Russian tourism … Read more

Aeroflot allowed Russians subject to conscription to rent air tickets without fines

The Aeroflot airline allowed the Russians subject to conscription to return previously purchased tickets under the terms of a forced return, that is, without fines. This information follows from the carrier’s message to ticket sales agents, Izvestia got acquainted with the data on Thursday, September 22. The new condition applies to tickets purchased before 10:00 … Read more

Lawyer Solovyov reminded Russians about ways to reduce the mortgage payment period

Solovyov recalled that in order to pay off a mortgage in the Russian Federation, maternity capital can be used, which since 2020 is issued not only for the second, but also for the first child. In addition, you can also use the tax deduction due to the purchase of housing to repay the loan. .