Europeans envied the Russians after broadcasting a video with a gas stove

A Russian with the nickname russiangas1 left an ironic description under his channel: “A Russian guy spends as much gas as he wants for only 1.44 euros per month.” Judging by the broadcast, the guy really did not turn off the gas stove even when he left the house. Later, the Twitch service blocked the … Read more

Norwegian Prime Minister Stere proposes an alternative to capping Russian gas prices

According to the politician, Moscow can find new buyers for its resources at any time. At the same time, the demand for domestic “blue fuel” in Europe will not decrease even if the ceiling price is approved. The reason for this is the shortage of supplies. .

The principle of “take or pay” forces Finland to buy gas from Russia

Finland is forced to continue buying gas from Russia, as the countries have signed a long-term contract for the supply of LNG on a take-or-pay basis. This means that the importer must pay for the supplies, regardless of whether he wants to receive the resource or not, Finnish company Gasum told Helsingin Sanomat. .

The United States refused to increase gas production to compensate for Russian fuel in Europe

According to analysts and market players, US shale gas exports are almost at their limit. Suppliers from the United States will not be able to compensate the EU for the fuel shortage that will arise in the region after the entry into force of the embargo on Russian oil. .

Vučić predicted the freezing of the whole of Europe in the event of a cessation of gas supplies from Russia

The day before, he said that in preparation for the winter period, 663 million cubic meters of gas were now reserved in the Serbian underground gas storage Banatski Dvor and in the storage facilities in Hungary, which should be enough for only two months. He also predicted the worst winter since the Second World War, … Read more

Putin’s ultimatum will not allow Europe to impose limits on gas prices

The presumptuous plans of the European Union to introduce a price ceiling for Russian gas will be shattered by one “but” said by Russian President Vladimir Putin. Today, any talk of price caps is nothing more than empty threats, Serbian analyst Drago Bosnich wrote in an article for InfoBrics. .