The expert spoke about the relations between Russia and Brazil after the elections

Russia will be able to maintain good relations with any of the second round candidates for the presidency of Brazil. This was stated by the editor-in-chief of the Latin America magazine, Professor of St. Petersburg State University Viktor Kheyfets on Monday, October 3. According to the specialist, at present the Latin American country maintains good … Read more

Poland paradoxically provided Russia with an alibi in the story with Nord Stream

Nord Stream AG/ via The Russian Federation, despite accusations from certain representatives of the West, cannot be involved in the sabotage at Nord Stream, since it has the opportunity to use a different scenario to put pressure on the EU. This conclusion was reached by the leading expert of the National Energy Security Fund, … Read more

Europe predicted an unprecedented gas shortage

Another risk factor, researchers call a sharp cold snap at the end of winter, since low gas pressure in UGS facilities will not allow promptly increasing fuel supplies to consumers. According to analysts, EU countries have already filled the storage by 88%. According to IEA estimates, in the face of reduced supplies from Russia, it … Read more

Russia has demonstrated to the West the ability to protect its own citizens

“That intelligent rhetoric with which we tried to persuade all those involved to comply with the Minsk agreements has changed. Moscow made it clear that the liberated lands became ours. Like yesterday is no more. Vladimir Putin said that he would defend the territories with all types of weapons, as required by law. And it’s … Read more

Montyan explained where the next “gas strike” of the West on Russia is aimed

According to the human rights activist, this decision of the Netherlands is actually the next “gas blow” of the West on Russia after the sabotage with Nord Stream. Separate Western political forces seek to completely deprive Europe of the available Russian raw materials, but, despite this, Brussels indulges these plans, not thinking about the consequences. … Read more

New head of the Department of Urban Transport of the Ministry of Transport

Sergei Semyonov has been appointed director of the Department of State Policy in the Field of Automobile and Urban Passenger Transport of the Ministry of Transport of Russia, the federal road agency Rosavtodor said in a statement in the section “work with personnel”. The press service of the Ministry of Transport confirmed this appointment to … Read more

ATOR reported that traffic on the Russian-Finnish border fell eight times

Global Look Press | IMAGO/Sasu Makinen The number of people crossing the Russian-Finnish border has dropped significantly in recent years, the Russian Association of Tour Operators said. On September 30, the Finnish authorities closed the borders for Russians. In this regard, border traffic fell eight times in just a week. The border service of the … Read more

the invasion of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in the LPR was repulsed, the failure of the Ukrainian attack near Pervomaisky

The ammunition depots of the Armed Forces of Ukraine in Kramatorsk, Bakhmut, Experienced, and Yampol were also hit. In Nikiforovka, the radar station of the S-300 complex was destroyed. .