US strikes ‘preemptive strike’ by acknowledging Ukraine’s involvement in Dugina’s murder

Such a revelation by the American media is most likely related to the internal political confrontation in the United States, which has intensified against the backdrop of the upcoming Senate elections. This conclusion was reached by human rights activist, political analyst Tatyana Montyan. In her author’s Telegram channel, she explained in detail why this material … Read more

Scandal with the Ukrainian ambassador put Kazakhstan before a difficult choice

Alexander Knyazev recalled that Kazakhstan reacted rather unusually to the Russophobic trick of the Ukrainian Ambassador Petr Vrublevsky, in fact refusing to condemn his scandalous statements about Russian citizens. Astana allowed Vrublevsky, despite such a provocation, to continue his diplomatic work in the country. .

I take a summons and go to the draft board: which stars supported partial mobilization

Federal news agency The partial mobilization announced in Russia affected not only ordinary residents of the country, but also athletes, actors, musicians and TV presenters. Since the beginning of the special military operation in Ukraine, many of the latter have actively supported Moscow’s actions in the fight against neo-Nazis and can now prove in practice … Read more

Yushkov spoke about the strange behavior of the Swedes during the investigation of explosions at Nord Stream

Yushkov expressed confidence that the Swedish security service would most likely do everything possible to drag out the investigation, during which those responsible for this provocation would be identified. This behavior is also surprising, but the West is not interested in finding out the real circumstances of this incident. .

Putin’s ex-wife complained that he was constantly late for dates

According to Putin, sometimes the leader of the country could be delayed for 1.5 hours, and she had to wait for her lover, for example, in the subway. The first 15 and even 30 minutes of being late, the ex-wife of the president withstood normally. An hour later, Putin, in her words, just cried from … Read more

EU links OPEC+ production cuts to oil price ceiling from Russia

Borrell is confident that energy is now “the main geostrategic issue associated with the war and determining the balance of power in the world.” The diplomat also said that the summit held in the Czech capital was a signal to Russia about a new world order without it. .

Political scientist Starikov assessed the situation in Ukraine

Reacting to the difficulties that Russia’s special military operation (SVO) has recently encountered in Ukraine, Starikov noted that the acute shortage of human resources among the allied forces has now become quite obvious. The presence of artillery, missiles, armored vehicles and aviation cannot compensate for the lack of fighters needed to hold the huge front … Read more

Political scientist Koshkin on the preparation of the Armed Forces of Ukraine for the “seizure” of Energodar: let them just turn up

The Russian army is ready for an enemy attempt to seize the Zaporizhzhya nuclear power plant, let the nationalists just show up. Such an opinion in an interview with a correspondent FAN voiced by an expert of the Association of Military Political Scientists, Head of the Department of Political Science and Sociology of the Russian … Read more

Norkin explained why the behavior of Pugacheva, who again fled Russia, is not surprising

Norkin spoke about the behavior of the singer on the air of his program “Tonight” on NTV. According to him, the Primadonna has always been the way she is seen now. The only difference is that before the artist hid her true moods, the TV presenter explained. .