The Torsuev brothers confirmed the rumors about the filming of the continuation of the “Adventures of Electronics”

Recall that the Torsuev brothers became widely known precisely because of the filming in “Electronics”, but they do not worry that they literally became hostages of one role. .

Boris Moiseev’s brother denied rumors about the artist’s life

Global Look Press | Alexander Keltik/Russian Look Singer Boris Moiseev died on September 27 at the age of 69. His brother Marx Tolkach dispelled some rumors about the artist’s life. The performer of the hit “Blue Moon” claimed during his lifetime that he was born in prison. However, this information turned out to be false. … Read more

Igor Nikolaev invited a pretty brunette to the house amid rumors of a divorce

So, recently Nikolaev published a photo with a brunette unfamiliar to subscribers. Although the singer clarified that she is his colleague, fans suspect that there is something more between them. According to many, the celebrity simply shines next to his pretty girlfriend. .

The border department denied rumors about the hype on the border with Finland in Karelia The border department commented on the situation on the border between Russia and Finland in Karelia. There is no excitement, the border guards said. Finland had previously decided to restrict the entry of Russians from 30 September. Tourists will not be able to enter this country. From September 30, entry into Finland will be … Read more

Bondarchuk appeared without his wife at the premiere of “The Heart of Parma” after rumors about her affair with Urgant

Global Look Press | Pravda Komsomolskaya/Russian Look Director Fyodor Bondarchuk appeared at the premiere of the film “Heart of Parma”. He was published without his wife Paulina Andreeva. The screening of the film was dedicated to the tragic death of actor Sergei Puskepalis. Bondarchuk appeared at the event without his wife. Just shortly before the … Read more

Victoria Lopyreva evasively responded to rumors about an affair with the husband of the singer Nyusha

Global Look Press | Komsomolskaya Pravda Model and TV presenter Victoria Lopyreva evasively reacted to rumors of an affair with the husband of the singer Nyusha, businessman Igor Sivov. “Of course, how could you doubt it?” — wrote Lopyreva in social networks. Nyusha recently admitted that during her second pregnancy, her husband cheated on her. … Read more

Producer Sergei Lavrov denied rumors about the beggarly life of Boris Moiseev

The artist did not amass much property, his friend noted. The dancer bought a tiny apartment in Bulgaria, and in a dysfunctional building, an apartment in Jurmala and a small living space in Moscow on Sadovoe, Lavrov told Moiseev was not a millionaire, but he did not live in poverty as they say. .