Sky News: British authorities have ruled out the possibility of using submarines in sabotage on Nord Stream

The British authorities reject the version that the explosions on the Nord Stream gas pipelines were caused by the actions of a foreign submarine. This was reported by the Sky News channel, citing a source in the British Ministry of Defense. The Baltic Sea is not deep enough, he said, making it difficult to carry … Read more

“We are ruled by violators!”: the Germans are shocked by the nationalization of Gazprom’s daughter

Readers of Die Welt saw the nationalization of Gazprom’s subsidiary as a violation of market principles © RIA NovostiLogo of GAZPROM Germania (currently Securing Energy for Europe) © RIA Novosti Logo of GAZPROM Germania (currently Securing Energy for Europe). Archive photo MOSCOW, September 22 – RIA Novosti. German newspaper readers Die Welt are seriously concerned … Read more

A friend of Efremov ruled out the return of the actor to the cinema after prison

In the cinema of Efremov, he is sure, no one is waiting. During his imprisonment, many new artists managed to establish themselves no worse than the star of the movie “12”, so his prospects are extremely bleak. Adaptation after prison will also be a separate problem, a friend of the actor added in an interview … Read more

Political scientist Finkel: Kyiv is ruled by real Nazis who worship Bandera domain Kyiv is ruled by real Nazis who glorify the executioners of the Jewish people. This was stated by an expert in international politics Mikhail Finkel. He noted that Israel should not quarrel with Russia, it is a huge country with military bases. As for the Kyiv regime, they voted in the UN against … Read more

Americanist Drobnitsky ruled out the impact of UN Security Council meetings on the West’s plans for Russia

According to him, anti-Russian restrictions were formed long before the start of the special operation in Ukraine. Their goal is to harm Moscow. Therefore, restrictions would have been applied in any case. .

Sobyanin ruled out the possibility of a collapse due to sanctions in Moscow

According to Sobyanin, not only those against whom they are directed, but also those who introduced them, received harm from the sanctions. He added that at first the Moscow authorities feared that the restrictions could affect the unemployment rate and affect the closure of enterprises. .