The insurance company demands 100 thousand rubles from Guzeeva for cracks in the walls of a neighbor’s apartment

Moscow Agency | Kiselev Sergey A neighbor of the actress and TV presenter Larisa Guzeeva intends to receive 100 thousand rubles from the star for cracks in the walls. The insurers sued to get justice. The woman found out that Guzeeva had renovated her apartment. She believes that during the work, the builders did not … Read more

A resident of Ivanovo “enriched” swindlers for 60 thousand rubles when trying to order a prostitute

The call was answered by a man and began to threaten the interlocutor in a harsh form. The swindler accused the victim, as if he “broke down” their base with his call. The intruder explained to the applicant what he had to do. The citizen came to his senses when he transferred almost 60 thousand … Read more

Foreign agent Kamalyagin fined 35,000 rubles for discrediting the RF Armed Forces in Pskov

In Pskov, the administrative case of Denis Kamalyagin✱ (included in the register of foreign media acting as a foreign agent) was considered. According to the court decision, the man will have to pay a fine of 35 thousand rubles, the press service of the regional courts reports. .

A police officer abused his powers for 73 thousand rubles in Adygea

The regional Investigative Committee of the ICR said that a company car was assigned to the suspect. The defendant, while on vacation, used the car for personal purposes. In addition, he is involved in the unreasonable consumption of fuel and lubricants as part of the operation of the machine. The damage from his actions is … Read more

The euro exchange rate during the auction exceeded 60 rubles for the first time since September 22

The euro exchange rate during the auction exceeded 60 rubles for the first time since September 22. This is evidenced by the trading data of the Moscow Exchange on Friday, October 7. So, according to the exchange at 11:03 Moscow time, the euro exchange rate rose by 1.76% to 60.14 rubles. Then the euro slowed … Read more

Car arsonist in Moscow City owes 1.5 million rubles to scammers

The arsonist of two cars near the Federation Tower, Sergei Arushanov, who calls himself a director of short films, turned out to be a debtor. Unknown persons demanded 1.5 million rubles from him – the investigators learned about this during a search of the pyromaniac’s apartment. In addition, the scammers forced Arushanov to burn his … Read more

The head of the municipal institution was arrested in the case of embezzlement of 32 million rubles in the Leningrad region

According to published data, we are talking about the appropriation of 32 million rubles allocated for the installation of heating points in residential buildings in Gatchina and Murino. The security forces conducted 14 searches at the places of residence of the suspects. In addition to the director of the municipal institution, law enforcement officers detained … Read more

Restaurant Morgenstern faces a fine of up to 6 million rubles due to illegal immigrants

Global Look Press | Pavel Kashaev Restaurant Morgenstern * (included by the Ministry of Justice in the register of individuals-foreign agents) Kaif may be fined 6 million rubles because of six illegally working employees. Six administrative cases have already been opened on this fact. All employees came from Central Asia. Some of them worked in … Read more

In Tver, the mother of a defendant in a murder case tried to bribe a judge for 300,000 rubles

According to a number of media reports, after the end of the next meeting, the secretary found a folder left by the defendant’s mother on the judge’s desk. There was also a piece of paper on which the amount of 300 thousand rubles, the number of the criminal case and the name of the accused … Read more