The euro rose against the ruble at the start of trading Moscow exchange

The dollar at the start of the trading session rose to 63.26 rubles per currency unit. This was followed by a slight correction, as of 10:30 the US currency is trading in the corridor from 63.2 to 63.1 rubles per unit. The euro exchange rate also rose at the start of trading to the level … Read more

The analyst predicted the dollar exchange rate by the end of the year

Until the end of 2022, the US dollar can balance in the range of 60–65 rubles, Alfa Capital analyst Alexander Dzhioev told Izvestia on December 7. “With a high degree of probability, we can say that the ruble will be under local pressure due to news about the price ceiling for raw materials of Russian … Read more

New sanctions against Russia will greatly affect the ruble after December 5

On Monday, December 5, the embargo on offshore supplies of Russian oil to the EU comes into force. And on the eve of this, on December 2, a “ceiling” of prices of $60 per barrel for purchases by other countries was determined for it. “These events are a clear negative for the ruble,” Mark Goykhman, … Read more

Analysts explained the reasons for the weakening of the ruble and gave a forecast for December

Among the main factors behind the weakening of the ruble since the beginning of winter is the decline in oil prices, Natalia Vashchelyuk, chief analyst at Sovcombank, told Izvestia on December 3. “Since the end of November, Brent crude prices have been near their 2022 lows,” she explained. In addition, the course was affected by … Read more

The Bank of Russia has set official exchange rates for December 3-5

The American currency rose by 0.63 kopecks to 61.77 rubles, while the euro exchange rate increased by 1 ruble and 16 kopecks compared to Friday and amounted to 64.99 rubles. .

economist Maslennikov explained the proposal to create a single BRICS payment system

According to the economist, in order to create such a model, it is necessary, first of all, to designate the unit of account. Then move forward in establishing payment and settlement relations serving the bilateral trade turnover of Russia’s national currencies: the Chinese yuan – the ruble, the Indian rupee – the ruble, and so … Read more

The financier told which currencies threaten the dominance of the dollar

Yemelyanov advised the Russians to buy various monetary units in order to insure themselves against the weakening of the ruble. He also drew attention to publications in the American media, where they write about the decline of the dollar and advise the Fed to start developing a national digital currency. .

Analysts spoke about the reasons for the strengthening of the ruble and the decline in oil prices

The ruble, following the results of November 25, closed with a slight strengthening. The dollar fell below the mark of 60.40 rubles. Today, the dollar is strengthening around the mark of 60.70 rubles, but in general, there is a balance in the dollar-ruble currency pair. This is due to a decrease in export earnings, as … Read more