Former Assistant Treasury Secretary Calls Gorbachev’s Faith in NATO Promises a Mistake

According to him, the US president can negotiate an agreement that the next head of state will not accept. This alignment of events is possible even in the case of signed documents. At the same time, the corrupt regime of Bill Clinton said that there were never any agreements on the non-promotion of NATO. .

Football player Robert Lewandowski was left without an elite watch after a robbery

At first, Lewandowski tried to catch up with the thief on his own, but missed him. The police joined the capture, and they detained the criminal. According to the article, the unfortunate pickpocket hid the watch under a tree. .

German Economy Minister Habek expressed hope that gas supplies from Russia would not stop

germany flag in front of building

BERLIN, 15 Aug – Vice-Chancellor, German Energy Minister Robert Habek expressed hope that gas supplies from Russia would not be completely cut off. “I hope that this will not happen. But if this happens, we are creating additional opportunities for alternative purchases, for example, liquefied gas infrastructure,” Habek said at a press conference on Monday, … Read more

Prime Minister of Saxony Kretschmer: Germany will not be able to refuse gas from Russia in the next five years

MOSCOW, July 31 — Germany will not be able to abandon Russian gas in the next five years, declared in an interview with the Zeit newspaper, the Prime Minister of the federal state of Saxony, Michael Kretschmer. In his opinion, the German government should accept this “bitter truth.” “If we understand that we cannot do … Read more

Robert Pattinson recalls how he almost lost his role in “Twilight”

Los Angeles, February 11th. During the filming of “Twilight” in 2008, Robert Pattinson was threatened with dismissal because of how he decided to play the main character of the film, Edward Cullen. In March 2022, the artist will appear on the big screens as Bruce Wayne in the Batman movie, but his popularity came after … Read more

Robert Pattinson complained about the difficulties in filming the new “Batman”

Los Angeles, February 9th. Actor Robert Pattinson admitted that shooting in the new film by Matt Reeves “Batman” was very difficult for him. The artist experienced loneliness while working on the tape. According to Pattinson, during the filming of the film in which he got the lead role, he “barely understood what was happening.” Reeves … Read more