Otorhinolaryngologist Rizaev warned about the risk of hearing loss after COVID-19

Scientists do not yet have accurate data on how often people who have had COVID-19 experience hearing loss, but such cases have already been described in the literature. The complication appears as a result of the virus entering the nervous tissue and the auditory receptors of the organ of Corti, reports Gazeta.Ru. .

Women over 35 can estimate their risk of getting breast cancer using an online calculator

Russian women can not only get advice from a mammologist, but also independently calculate the risks of getting sick using a special online calculator. It was developed by the National Cancer Institute (USA) based on the Gale statistical model, which allows mathematical calculation of the individual risk of breast cancer for women over 35 years … Read more

Doctor Vasilyeva warned about the risk of contracting jaundice due to non-compliance with personal hygiene

According to the expert, you can get this type of hepatitis if you eat contaminated food or water. There is also a risk of transmission of the virus in case of contact with a sick person, for example, through personal hygiene products. .

Britons warned of the risk of losing their favorite holiday meal

Bird flu has been detected by specialists in 155 different places in the UK, if the outbreak continues to spread, the supply of turkeys to the British Christmas table will be disrupted. This was announced on October 2 by the Sky News channel, citing the National Farmers Union. To date, more than 3 million birds … Read more

Drinking four cups of tea a day reduces the risk of developing diabetes by 17%

A group of specialists from the Wuhan University of Science and Technology, located in China, studied the beneficial properties of various types of tea. According to scientists, black and green tea contribute to the prevention of type II diabetes. .

In Germany, there is a risk of a wave of evictions amid energy crisis

One of the largest real estate companies in Germany, Vonovia, which owns 490,000 apartments, intends to start evicting tenants. First of all, this will affect those who delay utility payments for more than two months. Vonovia CEO Rolf Buch told reporters that the company is not interested in people losing their apartments and eviction would … Read more

The government extended the procedure for supporting citizens at risk of dismissal

The government extended until the end of 2023 the procedure for supporting citizens at risk of dismissal © RIA Novosti / Natalia SeliverstovaHouse of the Government of the Russian Federation © RIA Novosti / Natalia Seliverstova House of the Government of the Russian Federation. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti. The Russian government … Read more