Scientists from South Africa have identified a triple risk of re-infection with “Omicron”

The new Omicron coronavirus strain carries three times the risk of re-infection compared to the Delta strain, Reuters reported on December 2, citing experts from the South African Center for Epidemiological Modeling and Analysis (SACEMA) and the National Institute of Infectious Diseases (NICD). Scientists said that the latest research results provide “epidemiological evidence of the … Read more

RTS announced the risk of growth in wholesale fuel prices in 2022

In the absence of new measures from the authorities, wholesale prices for fuel, especially frost-resistant diesel, will rise in 2022. This was stated by the President of the Russian Fuel Union (RTS) Yevgeny Arkusha. In particular, he proposed banning the export of winter diesel fuel and adjusting the damping mechanism, which helps regulate the fuel … Read more

Markets go into lockdown // What backgrounds affect investor sentiment

Last week, a wave of sales went through the world stock and commodity markets. The leading Russian stock indexes lost 5-7.8%, oil prices fell 6%. Risk aversion is observed all over the world, which is facilitated by the worsening epidemiological situation in Europe and the emergence of a new strain of coronavirus. If European countries … Read more

About 7-8 million Russians are at risk of not getting abroad due to debts

About 7-8 million Russian citizens have overdue debts in the amount of more than 30 thousand rubles. and may face difficulties when trying to travel abroad, President of the National Association of Professional Collection Agencies (NAPKA) Elman Mekhtiyev said in an interview with RIA Novosti. He also described a portrait of a typical debtor: according … Read more

The district of the Tomsk region is at risk of being left without public transport

In the Kolpashevsky district of the Tomsk region, public transport may stop working in the near future. The regional center does not have a technical inspection point that meets the new legal requirements. To do this, the buses will have to travel to Tomsk. According to Denis Labutin, the general director of the Kolpashevo motor … Read more