The White House has proposed a draft “Bill of Rights for Artificial Intelligence”

The draft document was developed after a year of consultations with various departments. It takes into account feedback from scientists, representatives of technology companies and civil society. The bill contains five main principles: security, protection against algorithmic discrimination, tracking data confidentiality, openness of algorithms to users, and the ability to turn to a person instead … Read more

Zakharova called the “fight of foxes for the rights of chickens” London’s help in the investigation of gas pipelines

This assessment was made in response to the release of British Prime Minister Liz Truss. At Truss’s meeting with Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen on Saturday at the government residence in Downing Street, they “agreed that the incidents were a clear act of sabotage”. At the same time, Truss offered to help Britain in the … Read more

Lawyer Bezdelin: with digital rights, a plastic certificate is also required

NEVA NEWS | Kirill Kontorshchikov From October 1, Russian motorists will be able to present electronic driver’s licenses to police officers. But the new rules will still operate in the form of an experiment, lawyer Dmitry Bezdelin warned. Drivers will be able to obtain electronic rights in the form of an individual QR code in … Read more

A man who knocked down a child in the Stavropol Territory was deprived of his rights for refusing to be examined

A man who hit a child on a highway in the Stavropol Territory was deprived of a driver’s license for refusing a medical examination. Having got into an accident, the motorist did not take an alcohol test and did not pass a license to drive a car, according to a FAN source in law enforcement … Read more

The Commissioner for Human Rights recalled the rules for the employment of immigrants from Ukraine

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The court returned Razin’s complaint in the case of the rights to the songs of “Tender May”

Recall that Razin claims that the author of the hits “Tender May” Sergey Kuznetsov allegedly transferred the rights to the songs to him back in the early 1990s. At the end of 2005, the businessman secured the legal force of the contract with the composer through the Industrial Court of Stavropol. However, lawyer Asel Mukhtarova-Kazarnovskaya … Read more

Lukashenka equalizes the rights of citizens of Ukraine arriving in the republic with Belarusians

This document was developed in order to assist persons who arrived on the territory of Belarus from Ukraine. It will have a positive impact on the situation of migrants who find themselves in a difficult life situation. .

Microscopic toilet in the Sapsan train infringed on the rights of Stas Baretsky

The showman still managed to leave the toilet, nothing threatens his life and health. Despite the terrible situation that happened to Baretsky, he does not plan to lose weight, but still intends to go to court and restore his rights. .