A disabled woman publicly took revenge on a violating driver in a parking lot

pxhere.com On the online platform, one of the users recently published a post about her disabled mother, who took revenge on the violating driver. The author said that the woman has a special parking space near the apartment building. The motorist constantly pays for it. The woman’s parking space was taken by another motorist. The … Read more

Czech authorities are trying to stop the revenge of “Putin’s friends”

In an article for InoSMI, the observer wrote that the Czech authorities’ support for Kyiv causes enormous damage to its own population. It is important that many of the protesters do not hate Kyiv and are not fans of the President of the Russian Federation. The bulk of the participants in the rally, which took … Read more

Russia is trying to prevent a global Nazi revenge

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The career of the star of “Poor Nastya” Korikova could have ended because of her lover’s revenge

According to the PopCornNews portal, Korikova “disappeared” at the very peak of her popularity. It was rumored that the actress was banned from being invited to projects on the orders of an influential lover, who was allegedly angered by the star’s unsuccessful plastic surgery. Other insiders reported that male revenge was the reason for the … Read more

Chronology of front-line revenge: Donetsk fighters destroy the enemy in memory of the deceased Daria Dugina

Federal news agency In a previous FAN report from the Zaporozhye front line, where Donbass soldiers are fighting, we talked about how, after the news of the tragic death of a journalist Daria Dugina soldiers of the 5th battalion of the 123rd regiment of the NM of the DPR marked the notorious red lines with … Read more

Political scientist Martynov considered possible revenge on Poland by the FRG

pxhere.com Germany may decide to take revenge on Poland. The corresponding statement was made by journalist and political scientist Alexei Martynov. Thus, the expert spoke about the possibility of official Berlin to return the former territories within the borders of Poland. He shared his opinion during a conversation with analysts from the SM.News news agency. … Read more

it’s time to take revenge on the US in Iraq

Iraq today is a key country for the United States after the loss of Afghanistan, it is there that Russia should hurt the States, says Semyon Bagdasarov, director of the Center for the Study of the Middle East and Central Asia. Against the backdrop of the events in Ukraine, the world has forgotten the Afghan … Read more

Fighter Kharitonov spoke about a possible revenge with Emelianenko

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Meghan Markle decided to take revenge on Elizabeth II because of the attitude of the queen to her daughter

The Queen gave Prince Harry and Meghan Markle just 15 minutes. Most of all, the Duchess of Sussex was upset that Elizabeth II refused to be photographed with her great-granddaughter. Now the wife of Prince Harry is thinking about revenge, according to insiders. .