Dozens of pornographic sites revealed Novosibirsk The prosecutor’s office of the Central District of Novosibirsk achieved the blocking of sites with pornographic content. During the prosecutor’s check in Novosibirsk, 22 sites with pornography and propaganda of sexual perversions were identified. 22 administrative lawsuits were submitted to the court for consideration, Piterskiye Zametki report. It is noted that in eight lawsuits, … Read more

Revealed a new dollar exchange rate, which is beneficial for Russia

Analyst Zeltser called 70 rubles per dollar a comfortable range for the economy of the national currency © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov / Go to mediabankBanknotes and coins © RIA Novosti / Vladimir Trefilov Go to mediabank Banknotes and coins. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 26 – RIA Novosti. The range of the national currency … Read more

The BLITZ + publication revealed what Suvorov’s Vanya from the movie “Officers” is doing now

Pr scr YouTube / Igor Bystrov Shooting in the film “Officers” unexpectedly for fans was the last for actor Andrei Gromov. The artist who played the Suvorov Vanya did not receive new roles. The BLITZ+ portal wrote about the future fate of the star. Even before the “Officers” Gromov showed great promise, taking part in … Read more

The Russians were revealed what is the catch of installments without overpayments

Lawyer Abdrakhmanova: the client, dealing with installments, may face pitfalls © RIA Novosti / Konstantin Mikhalchevsky / Go to mediabankPercent sign © RIA Novosti / Konstantin Mikhalchevsky Go to mediabank Percent sign. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 25 – RIA Novosti. A client, dealing with an installment loan, may encounter pitfalls, reported agency “Prime” junior lawyer … Read more

Revealed the limit of inflating the dollar, which will destroy the economy

Analyst Syrovatkin: the BBDXY dollar index rose to a critical level over the year © Depositphotos / VadimVaseninAmerican dollars © Depositphotos / VadimVasenin American dollars. Archive photo MOSCOW, September 25 – RIA Novosti. The strengthening of the dollar significantly affects the global economy, since the bulk of world settlements take place in the US currency, … Read more

The cast for the new season of True Detective has been revealed.

The brainchild of Nick Pizzolato, the American series True Detective, which launched in 2014 and gained well-deserved fame among connoisseurs of crime dramas, was recently renewed for a fourth season. Now, with some certainty in terms of the cast and plot outline, he began to take on an even more definite shape. Writes about this … Read more

The University of Siena has revealed the main secret of human laughter

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash Laughter is an evolutionary construct that has helped humanity survive. This conclusion was made by scientists at the University of Siena. To do this, they examined all the English-language literature and scientific publications on laughter over the past decade. As a result, experts made the following conclusion: thanks … Read more

analyst Konovalov revealed why Ukraine is denied new supplies

At one time, a discussion was formed in the Western military sphere that tanks have outlived their time and their need is only auxiliary – nothing more. About it in an interview FAN said a military expert, political scientist Ivan Konovalov. .

Elena Podkaminskaya revealed the details of the filming of the series “Eve, give birth!”

According to the plot of the series, Eva is a talented dance teacher and a workaholic. A 38-year-old woman has wealth, beauty, a constant lover and an apartment in a mortgage. One day the heroine finds out that “the love of her life” got married and became a father. The news literally turns Eve’s world … Read more